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Gather Create Sell Repeat Guide to Potions

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - April 27, 2015, 5:36 am


Hello folks, this is Elder Reterik Moonstorme contacting y'all through blog lessons! I plan on coming up with some more lessons along the way!


Today I am going to talk about potions and the materials you need to create them, as well as a bit of simple marketing mathematics, okay it won't be 100% simple math, but I'll put it simply as I can, and then a more expansive explanation after.


Materials can be collected from multiple methods, either purchasing them from the FH or Snuffle Hut vendors, gaining them randomly through lotteries, or by standing next to what my wife calls poop monsters, the Snuffles.

• Lotteries are 100% random in fishing and gold hunting.

• You can purchase these materials from the vendors by simply paying the vendors (they have the current market price above them), or sell them by clicking the vendor and choosing sell. You will need a minimum of 100 to sell (1000 for fish), then you insert the /12 (your price), not easy for beginning to sell, but you can use this method to sell your fish for L$.

• Poop Monsters aka Snuffles, get the name poop monsters from my wife because every 72 minutes on a x1 setting they literally poop out ingredients. You need to be within 4 meters and click the ingredient to have it added to your account, also note that ANYONE can collect these ingredients, not just the owners! You can find a few locations at Business Park or at some snuffle breeding stores! Snuffle HQ has a few Snuffles hanging out usually by renters!


There are a total of six (6) potions within LGH:

• Alacrity Potion - Speeds Casting for a few casts

• Pet XP Elixir - Gives +5 XP to your Shubbie for 10 Fishing Casts

• XP Elixir - Gives an additional 5 XP per cast for 15 casts

• Royal Potion - Adds 5 Royal Points per cast if in Royal Hunts, for 10 times.

• Magic Potion - 100 Charges, Allows Magic Rod Users to Magic Cast 5 times in a row (with an afk checker) by pressing A+D together

• White Magic Powder - Shubbie Food, x1000 per pouch. Feeds Shubbie so it can grow an help you.

Need to know the exact ingredients for those potions? Check the wiki here: http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/PmWiki/Crafting

~How to Create~

First there are a few misconceptions on recipes and materials at first from first time crafters. You will need all of the ingredients PLUS a recipe card, for each potion you wish to create, meaning if you want ten XP Elixirs, you need the ingredients for the Elixir x10, PLUS 10 recipe cards.

• After you have the ingredients and have purchased the recipe you can go to the potion cauldron in the FH HQ Hut, or Snuffle Decks.

1) Click Cauldron

2) Click Either Potion OR Supplies (White Magic Powder is the one and only Supply!)

3) Click the Potion/Supply You would wish to create

4) Receive confirmation in local chat

5) Receive Your Inventory Offer

6) Rez Product to Verify it on a rezzable land, do not attach product to yourself, only rez onto ground on rezzable land to verify.

7) Give Away or Sell it!

8) Repeat :)


Let's Use the commonly most created and used supply, White Magic Powder!

First you'll need:

1 - White Magic Powder Recipe

100 - Charcoal

40 - Poo

40 - Dried Toxic Mushrooms

20 - Small Worms


Our Equation: Recipe + 100(Charcoal) + 40(Poo) + 40(Toxic Mushrooms) + 20(Small Worms) = Creation Cost

Example Current Test:

30 + 100(.07) + 40(.05) + 40(.05) + 20(.26) = Cost

30 + 7 + 2 + 2 + 5.2 = 46.2


The 46.2 is what it costs the creator to craft this potion before sale, most crafters need to make a little profit so woul sell from 47-50 for the Powder. Not much on the bone, but enough for the time it takes to make the potion/supply.

**Market Prices Constantly Change And Value Of Crafted Item Fluctuates Due To The Factors Of Material Available/Cost Of Creation**


Potion crafting is actually very interesting, and you can always make a huge impact on others by selling your potions/supplies reasonably and create happy consumers! Happy Consumers = Return Customers, and return customers = referals. You can get very busy as a potion crafter, but remember it's all about those price factors and amount available! It's Math! And Marketing is the first stage into any successful business!


Need a place to rent to sell those crafts that you can't use? Business Park allows renters to sell their crafts, as well as many other Land Owners! GMs and Elders can always help explain issues if required as well. But always remember to rez and verify your product before giving it away or else it won't work!

Crafters Unite!


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Elder Reterik Moonstorme

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