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Does it cost any Lindens to Play

ErinnaRosebud Resident Posted by in Fish Hunt - May 3, 2015, 6:15 pm


I seriously will never get the people in secondlife. O.o Just to see how cheap they really are! I mean any game you play no matter if its free to play YOU STILL WILL HAVE TO PAY! What really matter to me is how much you have to pay and how reasonable they are with giving it to the players of the game. Fish Hunt is and will be my most favorite game in secondlife cause if you think about it not many if any ways you can do without putting some work into it! Omg people get a grip! Lets take secondlife for example O.o is it free to play? Yes in more ways than one secondlife is free to make a account, cloth, hair, skin and so on, but its a never ending hunt to get the real good stuff. Buuuuut in the end we do pay! Let it be we get a job in secondlife or anything else as a way to get a income but even then we have to pull out the credit card in the end sometimes. 

To me it really isn't that expensive to keep the game going sooo why complain before even trying out the game that it has a catch that you have to pay for it. *face palm* You didn't stop playing secondlife cause of the money you had to put in. Ugh sorry this is a slight rant slight growling momment so yeah no game in the world is free to play cause their will always been that momment when you want more and want the little itemes in that gift store. So have fun! 

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Hello Just a old lady who likes fishing! I would love any help or advice in me improving my way of getting this game down packed and building my way up in the community! Im 40 years old and I stay in the south with alot of grandkids and my father. I do love bright colors and also being a well you guessed it a furry. My favorite activities on secondlife is exploring, going classes to learning, fishing, hosting at cash cow games and also just hanging out. Welp thats it and I hope to hear from y

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dayz Short
May 4, 2015, 10:03 am -

thank you =)

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