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ATM fail how to proceed

Ulrich Nansen Posted by in General - June 28, 2015, 8:42 am


So you got alot of linden on your LGH balance and decide to cashout at the ATM, but then... you receive a gigantic error!!

Oh no?!... well don't despair, there is a easy fix to this issue that may happen for various reasons I won't be covering here,
however, the way to proceed from this point is creating a ticket at http://www.secondads.com/helpdesk/ 

At the ticket page, first click on "Open New Ticket"
Enter your Avatar name, use "Resident" if you have no lastname, make certain to not just write your display-name
but write your actual resident name, found in (brankets) if your viewer use display-names.

Secondly, you want to use a email adress which you have access to, as response to your ticket are emailed back to you,
if you use a service like hotmail.com then make certain to check your spam folder as it often ends up in there.

Help Topic is easiest part, simply select category "ATM > Failed Payment" and subject fill in "Failed Payment"

Now to the body of the ticket, this should include the transaction failure and  preferably the cashout as well, an example:

[23:49:33] Gold Hunt ATM Terminal v1.4.4: Awesome! We have just paid 300L$ to your account.
You now have 0.56 L$ remaining. You can collect more L$ once you've reached at least 1L$ again.

Did you know that you can find news and lots of useful information about our games on our website:


[23:49:35] Gold Hunt ATM Terminal v1.4.4: 
Sorry, somehow the transaction has failed!
Transaction ID: 83b731b3-abab-d61c-bfc7-6aed0273f299
LGH Payment id: 575748

Please log your LGH payment ID when reffering to this incident

Finally hit "Submit Ticket" and you will receive an email to confirm that your ticket have been submitted.

Now allow up to 24 hours (often much less) for a GM to review your ticket and return your lindens to your LGH account,
however, please keep in mind that weekends are often stressful on our poor staff, so it may take longer during those,
also keep in mind that we have a 100% reimbursement with valid ATM claims, so just keep calm.

A group notice will also be sent out when ticket rounds have been made and a GM is standing by to assist you, so keep
an eye on the maingroup's notices.

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