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What part of NO dont you understand

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - August 14, 2015, 7:07 am


What part of NO don't you understand? 
In my case? The N and the O, Unless I am told a reason why, then it's all good. Sometimes I think I already know why, so I don't bother to ask.And then down the road I find out I was way off base and the real reason is far different than what I felt sure it was.A lot of the rules and guidelines we have in LGH chat are like that. On the surface they seem to be one way, but underneath they are far different than what you might think. As an example I will take one NO rule from LGH chat and show you what I mean. 
* Please get permission before posting any links 
This is an LGH rule that has been in place  for a very long time and it covers any link whatsoever - be it pictures, slurls, urls, youtube, facebook, etc. If it's clickable you need staff permission before you can post it.  
I assumed it was to protect our younger members from the possibility of clicking a porn site ,  I thought I understood the word NO. A recent discussion in STAFF taught me that there are other reasons for this rule  far more compelling that offer further reason for this rule to exist. 
Follow me =) 
When you see a GM or an Elder post a link in chat you don't even think twice about it, you know it's a trustworthy site and you know it won't contain anything that may cause you concern or harm in any way. You click the link, feeling safe and trusting staff has not put you at risk. This is because we have shown you our determination to ensure posted links are what they present themselves to be. We have shown you through consistent action and follow through that we can be trusted to check links first so that if there is any  risk it  is taken by us and not by you, our members. We have shown you can trust us.  
Without this rule, would we have that same trust ? Would you feel comfortable clicking links posted by people you don't know , people that may have hidden motives?If jane doe resident or sammy hagar live resident or anybody at all could post a link whenever they wanted, it would be great fun ,you could show pictures and have music wars and all sorts of entertainment. And then somebody posts a phishing site to gain access to your personal account information. Imagine the drama and harm ...accusations flying everywhere...and your trust in us would be wiped out.  Trust in the company that provides you with the type of services we do is an absolute. Our integrity must be visible and our concern for our members welfare must come before the more relaxed and rule-free environments other groups may offer.It's more work for us, yesh. It's surely a pain in the mhm for you as members, yesh. But the underlying reasons for the rule have your safety and welfare in mind. 
None of the LGH chat room rules were just quickly decided upon and tossed in to be enforced by us as ways and means of being mean or power hungry or to prevent you from enjoying your SL, all have strong cause for being a rule,Take time to understand the word NO.  

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