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EowynAnn Resident Posted by in General - August 20, 2015, 1:06 am


Have no job anymore.

Stuck doing mind numbingly tedious AND stressful job of inventory and designer for my family craft business.

Perpetually 18 in sl at the moment.


Tried to quit, did quit for 5 years then started again, quit again, my most of my pets all died within a few months. Felt cursed.

Started smoking again.

Geeky, quirky, born with a club foot, have a weak nearly blind eye, my voice sounds like a little girl's on the phone. I am afraid of basements, the dark, germs, bugs, being alone, being in a crowd and vomitting to death.

Allergic to so much I can literally break out in rashes and coughing fits in just about any store I walk into.

Not a cheery person but not a jerk.

I love animals, am unsure about people and am a bit autistic.

Sometimes I may seem a but childlike I can't help this, its part of a defect from an error at birth, my IQ is high, I can think better then I can express myself. In some ways I feel like I am locked in my own body and its breaking.

18 in sl. Not into sl dating it all was very painful, but you have a friend if you are nice to me, I can be fun and silly at times. I love nice people.


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Like making friends even though I am brutually shy.

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dayz Short
August 21, 2015, 5:19 am -

the best thing about SL - no matter what SL age you choose to be - is that you dont exist physicaly...i mean to say ...it's only your mind (what it says through your text and actions)  that forms who you are to us. Yesh your physical state in rl can greatly afffect your SL mind but in the end, how much power you let it have over you comes out as part of who we see in SL. I see somebody realistic and pragmatic - the rest of you will come out over time =)   

relax, welcome to our community 

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