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Bring on the Gold Hunting Zombies A Halloween Idea

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - August 27, 2015, 1:40 pm


*NOTE: This idea is no longer going to be used by me as I do not believe I wish to do this event any further, if you would like to take this idea yourself with my plan feel free.*


Alright for the past few weeks I've been coming up with ideas for new and innovative fun projects within LGH... My latest came to me when I got bored of hunting and fishing for a day and took a break to a zombie sim... Now that was some good fun and quests were available to move forward to new parts which I liked personally. Anyways, back tracking... A long time ago there was a Gold Hunt land called Club Microwave, which in fact had zombies on it that would come after you while you were hunting for coins, and I thought how cool would Halloween be this year with that exact same concept with quests involved! Bring it up to present day, and ask those in chat about this idea... A lot opposed at first because they thought they'd be sent home if the zombie attacked them, which is false it won't send you home, then later on I explained myself more thoroughly with how the coins would be placed and the fact you would have to find the keys to open doors to get to the gems and high priced coins INSIDE buildings which would have no zombies, except when I decide it's time to kick it up a notch maybe, but that wouldn't be for a while... Anyways, I wanted to share this idea with you all in more vivid detail...



The concept of this is mainly to have fun and force you to have to work for that coin or gem in the apocolyptic wastelands of a 'deserted'  city... You wander in through an armory building (which would have the free HUD and weapons for you to use to damage zombies, as well as other items), an NPC will be standing at the exit to explain that this was one of the richest sections of (we'll use Business Park as an example for now) Business Park, and you need to gather as much of the wealth back into your own pocket before the dead come back to claim it. They'll then address your attention to a notecard vendor which will explain things in more details as well as a small map of the section. From that point on you are either on your own, or you can gather a team of hunters to move forward into the city to hunt and kill zombies before they lay their hands on the precious coins that you want to take for yourself!


Questing for your coins is required only to get to the top of buildings to collect the high priced gems and gold coins. There will be multiple things involved in questing, from gathering a key to open the building doors, to finding specific items for NPCs to give you keypad codes* to open doors inside buildings! These items could range from baseball cards to ordinary water to keep hiding civilians hydrated! 

*Codes would be changed every now and then to not have multiple people have the same code to keep the game going.

Protecting Your Coin

While being inside buildings isn't too difficult, anywhere outside the buildings, including rooftops will be difficult. To protect that coin you'll need to kill the zombies, bats, and crows from coming at you and sending you to your doom! Kill them while your timer on the coin winds down and collect the coin and run to a safe zone before they come back to get you again!

Safe Zones

Speaking of safe zones, I must mention that inside each building there is a safe zone, meaning any zombie attempting to enter the building behind you will be killed by the safety field. These safe zones will have NPCs, places to relax, and places to rebuild your health, armor and power! Be warned however not every safe zone has each rebuilding tool. So you could enter a diner that would have a health rebuilder, the armory which would have armor rebuilder, and library for power. Each building has it's vast uses, so make sure you get to each one that you need!

Do I really?

A bit of Q&A... 

Q. Do I really need to wear the HUD and fight zombies to collect my coin during this event?

A. No, there would be plenty of scrap coins on the ground level, however to be able to get to higher valued coins such as bronze, silver, gold, as well as gems, you will be required to have a key to open the door to get to the buildings holding them, so you would be required in part for that. But if scrap and a few iron would do you fine, feel free to not wear the HUD.

Q. But what about the zombies? Won't they kill me and send me home, with or without the HUD?

A. Kill you, yes. Send you home? No. There are pre-designated ressurection zones on the city, the first being within the armory that you would enter the city. When a zombie kills you, you will ressurect back to one of these zones, so to ensure you are closest to the coin you clicked make sure you get to one of these ressurection zones before running into a horde of zombies. Not wearing a HUD to the knowledge I currently hold will not do anything to you, except have the zombie push you around like a bully in school.

Q. Will the sim be group restricted?

A. Good question! In fact the weapons require a rez to attack ability, meaning the sim would be required to have rezzing rights. However to hold back on people trolling the sim and rezzing hundreds of items that would ruin the fun for everyone else, we would in fact be enabling a group to be able to rez objects for land. Again however if you do not plan on wearing the HUD and attacking zombies and just want them to push you around, you do not need to join the group, but would need to in order to rez and kill the zombies.

What other things will this Halloween Sim have?

Why now that you mention it, it is quite possible to have additional things at this sim before entering the City potion to kill zombies. Ideas include a month wide free raffle, a month wide Halloween Costume contest for photo boards, if it is donated we could have a buoy there as well, however we may say no to this due to the fact of so many scripts already being on the sim, we will also have a few stores available, and also a bloody dunk tank to attempt to knock your friends into!


Do you like the idea? Comment below to share your views on this idea! Contact Reterik Moonstorme (reterik) in world with further suggestions!

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