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Removing the OMG factor from the newest change implemented by wili to the Fish Hunt Game

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - September 14, 2015, 10:11 am


Writing this blog after testing the cast times with each worm type in an attempt to clarify what was vs what is - focus on the recent change Wili made to the casting times for fishers in the Fish Hunt game.

What happened - Wili  increased efficiency of buoy budgets by 25% . Landowners/bouy hosts will now find their budgets last up to 25% longer than they used to. 

How - By increasing the cast timers of each worm type wili was able to increase the budgets value for landowners without decreasing the value of what fishers catch.


These are financialy hard times for all of us. Wili wishes to express his regard for this fact to the landowners by offering them more value for what they spend. He did NOT wish to cause fishers to gain less by this change and his solution addresses both .intentions.

What it means to you as a landowner/buoy host - Your buoy budget has been stretched to cover 25% more traffic time. That equals less Lindens spent for same results. 

What this means to you as the fisher - An increase of 25% cast times cross the board means you will spend approximatly 3 to 15 seconds longer per cast time. Depending on the other options you use. If, for example, you have potions and shubbie your results of cast times will be diferent than ones who do not have those options enabled. Below i have placed a table that shows cast times before and after this change.My results were made by using a begginner rod with small worms. I had a blue shubbie and did not use any potions. My casts were made at a blue buoy running a 2x event and the lag was low.

             BEFORE                                                                 MY RESULTS                                    YOUR RESULTS

  • Small Worms: 45s to 60s cast                    Small worms; 52s                    Small worms; 50s to 75s cast
  • Tasty Worms: 30s to 45s cast                    Tasty worms; 43s                  Tasty worms; 40s to 60s cast
  • Enchanted Worms: 25s to 35s cast             Enchanted worms; 35s           Enchanted worms; 30s to 50s cast
  • Magic Worms: 15s to 30s cast                    Magic worms; 20s                  Magic worms; 18s to 45s


These results are to show a best and worst scenario - meaning while it may take you as long as 15 seconds per cast increase, it is more likely to give you results in the lower range.

Will fishers gain anything to compensate for longer fish cast times? We hope so. =) Perhaps the extended value of fish budgets will cause there to be a more ample supply of fishable buoys for our community to choose from. Wili is constantly trying to come up with ways to increase performance, useability, and enjoyment his games provide. Last time it was to create rod extensions that addressed many of the suggestions submitted by the community. This time it is to address the needs of landowners. 


We have not been surprised by the support our community has shown thus far for this new change. We always knew our community is the best mixture of people in all the SL \o/ The support shown has been gratifying and appreciated. Thank you LGH community

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