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dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - September 21, 2015, 4:52 am


If you have ever had to file a ticket with our helpdesk support system, chances are you were asked to show your local chat logs. The most common reaction we see to this request is ....alarm. Along the lines of....what ARE those.......where do I FIND those.....I crashed and so LOST them.....or my fave....HUH??????!!!!

This blog is a tutorial that will address what they are, where they are, how to enable them, and why you should care. I'll keep it short and simple.


Local chat logs are a documentation of everything that went on in your local chat, the chat that shows on your screen including transactions, purchases, errors, ATM dealings, important information for things that fail, etc. 


If the function is enabled, they are on your harddrive and can be easily puled up by opening your local caht window and clicking "history".


I've taken 3 of the popular viewers and traced down the actions for each that will enable logging local chat. They are....


edit > prefs > communication
lower section
Enable logging chat by placing a check mark in the 4th box - it says;
save a log of local chat on my computer

repeat this for the  5th and 7th boxes in order to have date and time included in the log

me > prefs > chat
lower section
make sure the drop down menu located  under the division line says  log and transcripts and then click ok

avatar > prefs > privacy > logs & transcripts
enable logging by placing a checkmark in first box. 
also enable the 3rd box to add date stamp to logs
click apply at the bottom of the prefs window and click the OK button to close


Most don't realize this but....most of the issues we get tickets for are issues that are NOT our responsibility to own. They are caused by owner (you) error or by SL uh-ohs. In the interest of good-will and fair play we accept the burden of resending, returning, re-fixing,  re-finding, reporting, and re-sorting.The ability to see what actually happened, or to view documentation of errors and proofs of ownerships is how we resolve these issues for you. The ability to offer us local chat logs when you submit an issue more than doubles your chances of having your issue sorted in a manner that pleases you, plus it makes our ability to do so much faster. So. It is in YOUR best interest to have your local chat logging enabled. 

nuff said

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LeighlaFae Resident
January 4, 2016, 2:03 pm -

Thank you for this helpful guide! Noobs like me have SO MANY questions; I appreciate the time you've taken, to compile and clarify this information.

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dayz Short
April 16, 2016, 7:22 am -

also. check out thios short blog on helping yourselves and local chat


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