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End of first week of hardcore fishing plus correct numbers

FellicityVixen Resident Posted by in General - October 11, 2015, 2:37 pm


After my debut blog about fishing it became clear that my spreadsheet plan was a mess!  So, right after I had posted the mess (lol), I torn through the table to test the integrity of the sums, and fixed it all out.  Of course, it means that the week's figures are inaccurate, but I can live with that because 1) I've ironed out the functionality 2) each week is a "clean slate" and 3) I made profit.  So it's all good.

The new table/spreadhseet:

days small worms price no bought tasty worms price no bought

total spent

(=("small worms price" times "no bought") plus ("tasty worms price" times "no bought"))

wallet before

(= the day before's "wallet after")

wallet after


(="wallet after" minus "wallet before" plus "withdraw")



(= "earnings" minus "total spent")

Tues 6 Oct 0.20 25 0.50   5     5   0.00
Wed 7 Oct 0.20 65 0.50   13     15 15 2.00
Thurs 8 Oct 0.19 78 0.49   15 1.63 1.42 24.66 23 9.84
Fri 9 Oct 0.20 295 0.50 20 69 1.42 10.57 36.15 27 -32.85
Sat 10 Oct         0 10.57 0.63 34.06 44 34.06
Sun 11 Oct         0 0.63 0.63 0.00 0 0.00
week total   463   20 102     114.87 109 13.05
average 0.198 116 0.498 5 20     22.974 22 2.61

There are three parts to this table:

Firstly, there is the very basic calculation for making money.  This is the "wallet before", "wallet after", "withdraw", and "earning".  The "withdraw" part is because this amount "should" be in the next day's wallet figure, but if it's withdrawn from the ATM, there's no way on the table to see that.  (eg. if before= 1, and after= 2, earning would say 1, even if 5 had been withdrawn from the ATM).  For this, only the wallet after would be entered into the spreadsheets, the calculations would do the rest.

Secondly, there is the total spend, made from whatever worms were bought, the earnings and the profit.  This is basically taking the costs of buying worms that day from the earnings that day.  From this part, only the price of worms and how many were bought needed to be added in, the rest were calculated automatically.

Thirdly, there are the week's totals and average at the bottom.  The totals would give a nice estimate of a week's numbers, and the average would give a rough estimate of each day, making sure you take the divide number from the activity that day.  For example, I only bought worms over 4 days, so I divide worm prices and bought amounts by 4, but I was fishing for 5 days, so I divide earnings, withdraws and profits by 5.

Is it still excessive to track this much detail just for fishing?

Absolutely! But I'm a total spreadsheets obsessive, and I wanted to get this out of my system as a start to posting, so that when I talk about my numbers, it is clear on how I'm calculating them.

What is the point in making a big plan like this?

Well, for a start I can see that I am making profit on fishing! Many people aren't so sure that it's a good way to make linden, and I know it does, but didn't have the numbers to show it.  Now I do.

Further to this, I may in the future test the profits of other methods, such as using tasty worms for a week, and if I don't collect the right data then it's hard to reach a conclusion on which works best.

Also, I love making goals and budgets. I plan on buying a Pro Rod, then to have a small worm farm. Knowing if I can afford it is important (especially if I hit 990Linden, but have ran out of worms), and because I use spreadsheets all the time I planned it out like this.

It is a motivator for me. Not just to see the lindens pile up, but to know if I spend say 10 linden, that is a whole bouy's earning I've spent (more on tracking that in another post).

So for me it is ideal. But being this detail orientated isn't for everyone, so this isn't to tell people they MUST plan like this. I'm just sharing how I'm doing it.

Happy fishing!


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