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Second week of fishing not so hardcore as the first

FellicityVixen Resident Posted by in Fish Hunt - October 19, 2015, 6:47 pm


I hope everyone had a great week of fishing, goldhunting and whatever!

This week I didn't do as much fishing as last week, only 3 days worth, but I also want to talk about tracking buoy earnings.  This is something I'm doing to 1) get a feel for how much I'm earning as far and 2) for helping to do my daily figures.

I currently have them looking like this, and I'll use Monday as an example here:


before buoy earnings

after buoy earnings

earnings per buoy

















~ I should point out that the buoy earnings in the first two columns are what are in your goldtokens' earnings, not your Second Life linden earnings.

Now, since I do this in spreadsheets, I have the *before buoy earnings* figure being taken from the buoy before's *after buoy earnings* figure.  I also have the *earnings* figure as the *buoy after earnings* minus the *buoys before earnings* figure.  Easy!

Where this can get complicated is when buying worms half way through a day of fishing- whichever buoy is fished at after a purchase will have skewed calculations of earnings.  However, if you can ignore that row- or better yet find a way to calculate that into the row, then it shouldn't be an issue.

Why am I doing this extra step?

Again, it's a great motivator for me to see that just doing an extra buoy will make that little bit more linden.  It is also a motivator for not spending, as I can see that it takes a whole buoy of fishing to make between 7-13 linden at the stage I'm at.  I will be able to compare this to the next rod I hope to buy.  But as well as this, I can compare long days of fishing with short days of fishing, and eventually the buoy amounts of using faster casting worms.  I'm also suspecting that the more I'm doing fishing, the higher my average earning amount per buoy is rising slightly.

As for the figures for this week....

days fishing Total spent on worms wallet before wallet after earned withdrawn profit
Mon 12th Oct   0.63 0.02 26.39 27 26.93
Sat 17th Oct 91 0.02 0.43 72.41 72 -18.59
Sun 18th Oct   0.43 0.51 10.08 10 10.08
week totals 91     108.88 109 17.88
averages 91     36.293 36 5.96

As you can see, I only did 3 days of fishing- and Saturday was the nice big all-day fish!  In fact, I fished 3 buoys on Monday, 7 buoys on Saturday, then 1 buoy on Sunday.  Also, I've still not worked out a nice way of listing when I've spent lindens on worms, but I ended Sunday with a couple hundred worms left and 10 linden in my SL purse, so it's still working out very well in my opinion.

It's also worth mentioning I had tipped a bit in a music club between fishing.  I think around 35-45 linden, which was pretty bad for my saving up targets.  Here's hoping I'll have better will power this week!

~I welcome any comments, feedback, advice, shared stories, tactics and questions that anyone has about the fish hunt, but I might not be the greatest expert at medium or high level things!

Happy fishing!


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Spreadsheet-addict with a determination to become the best fisher, worm farmer and heart surgeon!  Well....one of those statements is a lie!   

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dayz Short
October 20, 2015, 3:18 am -

hello =) 

I, for one, am following your progress and stats closely. It pleases me to see the positive reinforcment of what I already know =)   

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