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My experience with Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt

JackNash9 Resident Posted by in General - October 24, 2015, 3:44 pm


From the beginning i was very fascinated with the goldtokens network, gold hunt and fish hunt. I enjoyed a little gold hunt occasionally but figured even if you get a gold coin for 1 linden you have to wait 5 minuites to collect it which can reduce your hourly profit. However i must say gold hunt is fun. In fish hunt i decided to buy the pro rod first and then upgraded to the deluxe rod (on 30% upfront payment and balance credit in my account that is to be paid from my earnings) because i thought it would give me more experience. For someone dedicated to focus on fish hunt only as a fishing system the deluxe rod will help you gain +4 experience per cast and over time you will move up the ranks, however i want to point something out, it means a BIG time commitment, nothing less than 6 months to a year of fishing with your deluxe rod will help you really rise the ranks because there is some competition. With the new purging of accounts every 2 months for people who dont login to their gold tokens account online, maybe this competition reduces for active fishers and maybe it takes less time, but dont expect your earnings to increase miraculously with a new rod in a week, this is a longer term commitment.

On hourly profit at 1x locations i just read a blog of a fisher that made 10 to 12 linden in 45 casts in a buoy, if you account the worm cost at 0.2 linden, thats 9 linden in worm costs, so that fisher was making 1 to 3 linden in a 45 cast period. Keep in mind a cast is now 80 seconds. Dont expect to get richer than bill gates in a year of fishing, making money for free takes time. Look around for the best opportunities to earn linden in second life. Dont just buy the best rod in a haste without getting to know what you are getting into. For those that make the long term commitment and rise up the ranks over the years there will be a boost to earnings in fish hunt over the long term. Top fishers make good money, but its not easy to make it to the top, theres competition as you get higher. Just wanted to share my experience so you can benefit from it. Have fun and enjoy life, its short. I also bought a small worm farm but the profit margin on it is very low. Ive kept it. Hopefully when worm prices go up ill gain from it at some stage. Heres wishing the LGH team good luck, and happy fishing and gold hunting to my fellow players.

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Community Comments

Wili Clip
October 24, 2015, 10:42 pm -

As you fish you get fishing XP with every fishing cast. As you've written better rod gives bigger fishing xp bonus per each cast. Your earnings in fishing are growing constantly proportional to your fishing xp. As you fish your earnings will be growing constantly. As you grow your fishing XP you're getting to catch better and better value fishes.

You don't have to wait to become one of the top fishers to start making lindens. As you fish you'll be making more and more.

If you use Small Worm Farm and grow your own worms and fish with them you can make from 20% more profit from your fishing as your production cost is from 20% lower then the worms that are selling in worms exchange barrels. So if you have a Small Worm farm then you should fish up all worms you grow.

And again if you fish you'll see your fishing earnings average growing all the time.

Have a fishing fun! \☺/




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JackNash9 Resident
October 25, 2015, 2:49 am -

Hi Wili,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog. The goldtokens site is very nice.

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dayz Short
October 25, 2015, 8:58 am -

hello =) i would like to point out that in fishing, competition does not affect your earnings ability. its competitive for the rank but thats a status...it doesnt matter who or how many are before you because its only YOUR xp that qualifies how much you earn...and as long as its rising, 50 million people can be before you in rank and never affect your rising earning power =) enjoy the day

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d2max Resident
October 25, 2015, 12:26 pm -

Hi Jack,

Wanted to add a small tip. As we fish, we win lottery from fishing. The lottery can be either xp elixir, alacrity, fishing xp, biowaste, worms, etc. So in calculating worm cost, if one accounts the worms they win from fishing, worm cost in 45 casts is actually lower which equals more earning :) 

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JackNash9 Resident
October 25, 2015, 1:36 pm -

hi dayz short and d2max thanks for your comments, i agree with both of you :-)

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