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Announcing another Fish Hunt buoy now open in a BRAND NEW sim

LeighlaFae Resident Posted by in General - January 3, 2016, 2:34 am


Sim: Strayling
Rating: Moderate
SLurl: 244,153,901

"I love my neighbors"
Interview with Mark Mildor

Leighla - Congratulations on opening to the public!
Mark - Thank you, Leighla. I am quite under-dressed, today. I know. Is first time we opened to public. So is really new in that sense. Been self-supporting for some time now.

L - Very exciting! One day, it will be my turn to introduce a new sim.
M - We will feed teh Fish Hunt buoy regularly.

L - How long ago did you start?
M - Ah well, almost a year now. We built with my sisters Greta and Venus.

L - What was your inspiration? What's the theme of your sim?
M - Well, are several layers here.

L - Can I get a tour?
M - Of course. Below is teh Mermaid Cave, as you can see... and is reachable via teh Poseidon trident thingy.

L - Are there actual mermaids, in the mermaid cave?
M - Sometimes. We had a party there, once.

M - Let me take you to teh ballroom, upstairs, with New Year theme still on. We go to the Gypsy Lane, first. This is where my friend, Greta, made this place. 

M - From this level we can teleport to teh ballroom. Lets climb up. I think santa is still here.

L - Who designed this room?
M - Well Greta and my sister, Venus. Venus rents this place, so she builds most of the time. And Greta creates textures.

M - We even have fireworks, while Santa comes around.

L - Santa! Take me with you. I was goood!
M - Take the teleporter to Catz and Hartz; normally used to host teh texture Gallery of Greta Scribe. Greta will display teh textures she makes.

L - Thanks for the tour and letting me pick your brain.
M - You so kind also with teh comments. Venus and Greta will be so happy. Hope you enjoyed your visit, as well.

You can support this sim, today, by tipping the bird bath on the Gypsy Lane level.

Thank you for joining us and good luck, everyone! - LF

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Leighla looks for Lindens, all over Second Life. She's got big plans and needs some land; she's going to build a sim, someday. You can follow her journey, as she pokes around in corners and crosses paths with all sorts of characters.

Community Comments

Mark Mildor
January 3, 2016, 10:08 pm -

Dear Leighla, 

This is such a fascinating interview, and you have so beautifully embelished it with pictures from our sim. 

As I had promissed earlier, we have also placed Mr. Michelangelo Rossini's "Swimmer Region Land Giver" onto our sim.

That is, when visitors arrive they will be able to swim in all styles as well as dive in our region's waters, and have a lot of fun and relaxation.

All they have to do is touch the swimmer giver anim; wear the swimmer animation and start swimming.

We are expecting to see our visitors enjoy their stay at our sim. 

My sisters Venus, Greta and I are truly greatful for your wonderful efforts in preparing this blog page for us.

Thank you so much Leighla, 

lots of love, 



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LeighlaFae Resident
January 3, 2016, 10:25 pm -

It's been my pleasure. Thank you for the updated details. I'll certainly take a swim, next time I go fishing there!

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