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Foreign Language and LGH Policy

dayz Short Posted by in Tutorials - January 7, 2016, 12:23 am


This topic has been the cause of misunderstanding and drama in LGH latey. I hope this blog clarifies the issue.

*Linden Gold Hunters (LGH) is an International Group.

What that means is that we have members from all over the world. 

What that does NOT mean is that members who do not speak English (or prefer not to) are encouraged to participate in a general chat conversation with others who speak the same native tongue in the main LGH chat room.This is where the confusion and misunderstanding comes from.

*The Policy

English language was chosen for main language of LGH when the group was started. The GM's and Elders who assist members in LGH chat are English speaking (although a few have other language skills as well, or English is a second language to some). The notices and announcments are made with the English language as well. That being said, the group owner also wishes to accomadate those who don't speak English. 

To do this, the LGH staff often use a web translator to assist members with their initial questions and occaisional issues. Or direct the member to a staff who speaks the same language. Or finds a community member who speaks the same language to assist the person. Whatever it takes, staff do their utmost to relate to the person in a language they understand, even if to only direct them to a translator gadget.
If a lengthy conversation in a native tongue is required, it is done through IM, in most cases.

*The Reason

LGH staff are required to moderate chat. Doing so allows them to respond when requests for assistance come up, to clarify when bad or incomplete information is posted, and to ensure chat topics and posts stay within the groups stated charter and TOS. 

When 2 or more members engage in casual chat within the LGH room in a foreign language, the attending staff would have to jump back and forth between the room and the translator in an effort to keep on top of the conversation and would not be likely to notice what everybody else in the room are posting or asking. Remember, staff usualy have a few IMs open helping people at the same time.

In the interest of preserving the sanity of staff, the LGH foreign language policy was created. 

Over the course of time, some long standing members of LGH asked for and were given an alternative chat room focused on their native language as its main language. These rooms are an alternative to the main LGH room and are available to join and use at the members descretion. 

There is a translator gadget on this page if one is needed.

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