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Omurtag Milev Posted by in Fish Hunt - January 24, 2016, 4:32 pm


Please refer to eden lagoon

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Omurtag Milev

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dayz Short
January 25, 2016, 4:09 am -

Waves ☺/     Goldtokens staff welcome your return =)   I, for one, can't wait to check out your new sim. see you in-world!

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Omurtag Milev
February 11, 2016, 9:40 am -

Hi ALL; Omurtag here, sorry to say that the first fish hunt was a very small success & for the sizeof the island and the few Hunters I spent a lot & little votes but the island was beautiful & cost me a fine sack of gold !! HEHE But now I am at "OM'S  FISH HUNT @ Calypso 13 , FairChang Calypso NE (55, 137, 21) - Moderate" & I am not moving, the Fish Pond Will ALWAYS be provided for & the pot has benn one once since arrival, I think it was 30000L so come on and fish its tropical, peacefull, you can rez a padle boat for two and cruz tru 30 islands and come back & fish some more its smaller cozier and quaint, nice sunsets etc, hope you enjoy take care & happy Fishing !!!

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Omurtag Milev
February 23, 2016, 12:25 pm -

Hi all

Just a word to say that I am very anoyed with the fact I had to post this notice above my fish pond ! but frankly I believe that all of you should understand that the respect unto the owners of Fish Hunts are well deserved & should have respect from all ! After 8 yrs on SL I have experienced every scam that is possible on SL copy bots, money scams & more & thats just to start, now with the fish hunt it has become a "who can grab the FishPot " first & the SL hacks are once again on the run !!! alts fishing together with original Avs etc etc but that should not ruin it for all of those honest Avs that just want to play the game legally !!! so this is my ultimatum, unfortunately it is not meant to lose FishHunters, instead it is meant to scare off those that play the wrong game ! this is not Vegas & the Fish Hunt is not meant for rude GangsterLand Scammers ! So yeah sorry for the sign ! since posting it I lost  33 percent clientele, either they are people who use alts etc or they are pissed off with this sign, none the less it is absolutely a must for you to understand that owners of Fish Hunts are just as normal & as average money makers as you and are not full of cash to blow all over SL, all we would like is some respect & Thnx once in a while, even a 1 Linden tip in the jar would be nice !!! If you want people to continue buying Fish Hunt Buoys, have a little respect, just because money don't grow on trees, does not mean that Lindens DO !!! thanks for reading, Omurtag

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