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The Land Owners Guide

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - February 25, 2016, 7:26 pm


The Land Owner's Guide


In the world of Goldtokens, the game is supported by volunteer staff who assist Land Owners host the products created by SecondAds. These games include:

  • Gold Hunt

  • Fish Hunt

  • Trivia

  • Snuffles


Within these games are certain things that land owners can host perfectly well... Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt being the two major games within the products supplied by the company. Let's start by explaining how a land owner begins in both games specifically.

Fish Hunt

Within Fish Hunt it's pretty easy to set up... Simply rez the buoy, grant the debit permissions, then pay into the buoy to add funds.

New Owner: But Reterik what can an owner do to help boost my traffic and get people to join my group?

Good question... As a land owner you have 100% right to have your own sets of rules on your land, including shutting off the scripts for all hunters, but allowing scripts for your group members. Simply go into land parcel options, and click off the first button of run scripts, and not the group button. Then rez out a group join sign for easy access for hunters to join your group so they may fish easily.

New Owner: My group is a pay to join group, that's fine right?

No, it isn't. In accordance to stay in line with ToS, your group must be free to join in order to do this option. Breaking ToS is not only against LGH ToS, but also Linden Labs in accordance to the Gaming Policies of Second Life in act today.

New Owner: I see barrels at every buoy but mine, how do I get them?

Another good question... You must send in a support ticket to: http://www.secondads.com/helpdesk/ and request assistance in placing the barrels for you. They will need rezzing permissions and to know if your group is required for scripts so they can place it under the correct group so that the barrels will actually work on the sim. After they are placed you will receive a commission for every sale that will be added to your Goldtokens account balance.

New Owner: How far does a fisher need to be to use my buoy?

Good question, as some of us owners have piers and deep trenched rivers for buoy locations, a good point is to keep a buoy within 20 meters of any border, however a fisher can fish up to 40 meters away from a buoy. Best suggestion is to have a nice open area available for fishers to stand/sit where they please, having chairs out also helps as well.

Gold Hunt

Gold Hunt is a fun set up... Just rez the coins after purchasing a pack, and add funds. If you want to have multiple coins out without hunters coming in immediately looking around, the best suggestion is to NOT grant debit permissions while you are placing the coins. When all coins are placed go back around and grant the debit perms and add funds to the coins. You can always add more budget at any time by clicking the coin and choosing 'add budget' then paying into the coin.

New Owner: Can I set rules on my sim? Like, no flying, no double Tping, etc?

Good question, yes you can create rules on your personal property that you will be hosting the games on. You should have no issues adding the following rules to your Gold Hunt hosting land:

  • No Flying (Set Parcel Rights To No Fly, Owners of Land Should Still have access to fly on their properties, just not their guests)

  • No High Script Usage (Such As Particle Poofs - These can cause severe lag if you do Gold Rushes, good idea no scripts unless for group fishing)

  • No Teleporting (This Will Require Parcel Teleporting Being "Blocked")

  • Size Limits (Only Appropriate On Adult Lands to keep child avatars out of Adult rated activities)

  • No Nudity (Adult Land Sims are different, as some may allow nudity on their sims, but that's a basic rule)

New Owner: So if they break any of my land rules, or LGH ToS rules, what should I do?

Since it is your land, if they break any of your personal lands rules, you can simply eject and ban them from your property. If they come back at you for breaking your rules, simply tell them the rule they broke for the reason they've been banned. Some hunters will understand and apologize to be let back in, however some will do the opposite. If the hunter breaks a LGH ToS rule, or does the opposite when you speak with them (which is also breaking an LGH ToS rule of disrespecting land owners by not following your land rules), you should contact an LGH staff member immediately, if you cannot get in touch with one, submit a support ticket: http://www.secondads.com/helpdesk/ and request assistance, giving as much information as your are able about the situation.

New Owner: What if I wanted to do a gold rush? What is required for that?

First, you will need a gold rush vote station which can be found in the SecondAds store on the Marketplace. Second, you will need a total minimum of 10 silver coins and 10 gold coins! Third, you'll need to ensure that they are all filled, having an unfilled coin will not count the coin in the active rush. Fourth, either schedule an event, or click 'Gold Rush' to have an immediate rush intiated!


Have further questions about being an owner within the Goldtoken community? Simply leave your question below in the comment section, and I will attempt to answer it the best of my abilities!

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