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update the rods so avatars are forced to sit when fishing

MarcelEdward DutchX Posted by in Ideas - April 26, 2013, 10:58 pm


on busy events it can quite to cast, i gues with 40+ on a sim or 20+ on a homestead the load gets simply to much, a way to reduce load is to somehow to force the avatars to sit while fishing.

Sitting down reduces the load simple cause the sim does not have to look where the avatars are, and the sim has to work less hard to update the avatars and physics. 

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Community Comments

AmyNevilly Resident
April 27, 2013, 3:18 pm -

Firstly thanks for submitting your idea. I can certainly understand why you are suggesting this. Lag at large events is an issue - as it is with any large group of avatars. 

However, our experiences with "forcing" people to do something is not a good one. It's something we only do as a very last resort. In this case people see it as their right to display their avatar in whatever way they want to. Therefore I would expect the community reaction against such a thing to be severe.

Actually there is one way in which players can reduce the lag at events. This is to check their avatar for scripts (besides their rod) and remove them. Often avatars will be wearing items with resizers and other scripts. These can add up and generate enormous lag - perhaps even more then the buoy itself.
I wonder what people's lag experience has been like at "naked fishing" events? I expect you've probably experienced considerably less lag!

I've actually added a new article that should help our players reduce their Second Life lag at things like events. Hopefully it will be an interesting read for people. smiley


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MarcelEdward DutchX
April 29, 2013, 11:24 pm -

Forcing is to much, I agree with you many avatars would not accept that.

I dissagree though that the overload is caused by scripted items avatars are wearing.

At naked fishing events the lag wil be more or less the same when the 40+ avatars and standing togehter in the same area. 


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AmyNevilly Resident
April 29, 2013, 11:32 pm -

Yes, I think there's a big overhead just from having so many avatars connected to the sim at once. A shared session with 40+ players is usually laggy in any game when I think about it. In Second Life where everything isn't optimised at all it's really bad in any crowded areas.

Only game I've seen that can handle that many well is EVE online, but that's just dots floating about in space. They really had to optimise to get that.

We just try to do whatever we can to reduce Second Life lag I guess...I do understand your thoughts though...

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