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Gold Rush trigger limit decreased to 5 of each coin

Goldtokens Resident Posted by in Announcements - April 27, 2016, 9:36 pm


To trigger a gold rush event on your Gold Hunt land you needed to have at least 10 Gold and 10 Silver coins placed. 

Cost of a single Gold Rush with minimal needed coins (10 gold and 10 silver) for Gold Hunt landowner with 50% commission coins pack was 15 L$ X2 (=30 L$). 
*30 L$ in real life currency is aproximately 12¢ (0.12 USD or 12 cents).

We have lowered the minimum required funded coins on land to trigger a gold rush to make it easier and cheaper for gold hunt landowners to trigger them more frequently.

It is now possible to trigger a gold rush with placed and funded 5 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze, 5 iron, 5 scrap coins or 10 gold and 10 silver.

This lowers the cost of a single Gold Rush (if triggering with 5 of each coin and 50% commission coins pack) to 9,25 L$ X2 (=18,5 L$)
*18,5 L$ in real life currency is aproximately 7¢ (0.07 USD or 7 cents).

We wish you a lot of fun using the Gold Hunt System to spread happiness and fun across the Second Life \☺/

goblin hunterhunter

In reality many of our Gold Hunt landowners run many events and cost of 12 cents can add up. Many thanks to all the landowners for supporting Gold Hunt and enabling fun to thousands of players from our community since 2011.

Per each coin our company earns 50% commission. 50% might seem a lot but in reality even with 50% commission our company makes only 2 cents (usd) which is 5L$ every time when a landowner fills coin budget in a coin for 10L$.  To sustain our development team and support staff  and to cover the cost of server hosting these cents need to add up so that we can be sustainable and provide this game on a large scale (for several hundreds of landowners with thousands of active coins and several thousands players).

Thank you for being part of Gold Hunt and for providing fun for thousands of people in Second Life. We have been operating since 2011 and ever since our system and landowners taking part have touched several hundred of thousands of people in Second Life.

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