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Why Am I Spooking A Guide To Spooking Early

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - May 27, 2016, 7:08 pm


OMG! A MULTIPLIER! I MUST LEAVE THIS BUOY FOR THAT ONE NOW! *three casts in* We're sorry you've spooked this buoy! WHAT?


That's right that is how everyone would react when they spook a buoy in that many casts when you just got there. But why does it happen? What makes us spook a buoy so prematurely? Well that's what I'm here to share with you all today in this blog here...


First off... Let me tell you that you can get a max of 45-51 casts per buoy... Knowing this you could count your casts while fishing on a piece of paper, or if you own a shubbie, you can have it count your casts by clicking it and choosing cast count.

Second thing... Leaving a buoy before you spook it, will carry over your cast count to the next buoy you go to... So unless you have completely finished casting at that current buoy, DO NOT LEAVE! You may only get a short amount of casts at the new buoy you attend, and both buoys will then be spooked for you, not just the one.


Wriggle me this... Wriggle casts DO count towards your cast total, unless you have a MAGIC extended rod. So those wriggle casts that you've not been counting, start counting them!


Buoy Depleted... This is a normal occurance in the fishing world, and acts also as a spook... Wait a couple minutes and cast one more time, if you get the buoy depleted message a second time, you are able to move to another buoy without worry of getting the carry-over spook at your next buoy.


Finally... Spooking a buoy generally means you cannot cast there anymore for 24 hours... However the same principle can apply if you leave the buoy before spooking and going to another, or if the buoy you are at depletes itself before you get a full cast limit. So I advise to not leave a buoy before you've spooked to hit that multiplier buoy, or that buoy will have little casts and both buoys will now be spooked to you for 24 hours. Be smart, spook first!

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Reterik Resident

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I am a Fun Haver, Avid Fisher, Sloppy Gold Hunter, and Good Hider. Have fun!

Community Comments

dayz Short
May 30, 2016, 8:53 am -

good blog =)

adds this  >>>    If you fish only a very few buoys  - same buoys - all the time - after awhile you will start getting less and less casts alowed at one or more of thosae buoys. fix this by going to a new buoy - one you dont fish at very often - in between those you regularly fish

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Reterik Resident
June 1, 2016, 9:46 pm -

Very true, I always forget this because I just use the HUD that auto jumps me around. Always a good idea to go to new buoys and do long rotations before visiting a pre-visited buoy again :) Thanks Daisy! :P

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