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I Just Got A Water Shubbie How Long Till It Splits A Guide To Shubbie Levelling Costs

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - June 3, 2016, 7:44 pm


So you just got a shubbie... A fishing shubbie is a great resource for a fisher to cast a bit faster and gain an extra experience point... But how long and how much will it cost you in the long run?


Let's start by saying you purchased a Blue Water Shubbie, for say L$1500. It will give you 200 Magic Powders to start, but you'll have to buy more for it to keep eating and helping you. A Blue Water Shubbie eats 1 scoop each cast, as well as gains +1 experience per cast, and a shubbie levels after gaining certain experience points, at level 32 it will split to get you a new shubbie to either use later or sell.


• Let's begin our math... First a shubbie splits at level 32 or at 50487 experience points, that means it will take 50,487 casts before your shubbie gets it's first split (without pet dxp events).

• Let's continue... Let's say you plan to only use small worms, which are currently L$0.25/each, which means you will require L$12,622 for enough worms to level that shubbie without gaining extra worms from lottery casts...

• Final piece of the puzzle... You'll need white magic powder food for your shubbie... Currently the market value is L$48/each... Each powder contains x1000 scoops, and you already get 200 from first binding it. (We won't include random fish lottery of powder here). In order to have enough shubbie powder you will need to purchase 51 packages (50,487-200=50,287, 50,287/1000 = 50.287 (round up to 51)). Which will cost you L$2,448.


Alright let's get our totals on how much it would cost out of pocket to be prepared to level our shubbie...

Original Cost: L$1,500

Worms Cost: L$12,622

Powder Cost: L$2,448

TOTAL COST: L$16,570


Now this may seem like a high number, I understand your skeptisim. However, those worms while casting will earn you L$ for each cast, and considering that small worms always gain a profit for every 100 casts, as well as winning lotteries, fishpots, and multiplier events. You will surely have a positive balance of profit.


Let's estimate that for every 100 worms (a cost of L$25), you gain a total of L$35. Meaning you'd be earning an additional L$10 profit from that investment. Now let's estimate total worms to profit ratio using those numbers.


50,487 Worms (Amount Needed To Level) / 100 Worms (Amount For Profit Gain) = 504.87 Profit Ratios

504.87 (profit ratios) x L$10 = L$5,048.7 (PROFIT)

L$5,048.7 (Profit) - L$3,948 (Expense On Shubbie + Powder) = L$1,100.7 (TOTAL PROFIT)


See that right there? You would gain an estimated L$1,100.7 in profit (not including multiplier events)! Then after you split that shubbie and sell it as well, it's still PURE PROFIT! And you would only need 10,000 experience more to split it again, which is FAR LESS than the first split!




I hope this helps you all out with your math and whether or not you want to buy a shubbie, and remember you don't always have to buy everything UP FRONT, save and buy as you go through your fishing habits! :) Have a great day!

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