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Experiences in SecondLife and GoldTokens

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - June 19, 2016, 9:33 am


What is an experience?

In Second Life terminology, an experience is a set of avatar interactions created by one or more scripted objects.  With an experience key, creators can build their experiences so that a user only needs to grant avatar permissions once for the entire experience rather than separately for each scripted object within it.  These permissions allow the experience to animate your avatar, attach items to your avatar, track your camera, control your camera, teleport your avatar, and alter your movement controls.

For example,  Linden Realms regularly requires permission to teleport your avatar and attach objects to your avatar and HUD.  Rather than asking permission each time it needs to perform one of these actions, it uses experience permissions perform the required actions as many times as needed without pausing while you respond to each permission request.


Most experiences automatically prompt you to join the experience the first time you interact with them.  When this happens you receive a notification informing you of the permissions you will be granting to the experience, and four possible responses:

  • Yes - Grants permissions to the experience and allows it to act upon your avatar without asking for permissions again.  After you click Yes, the experience does not need to ask for permissions again until you explicitly leave the experience.
  • No - Temporarily deny permissions to the experience.  The next time you interact with the experience, it may ask for permissions again.
  • Block Experience - Permanently deny permissions to the experience.  It will not act on your avatar, and will not ask for permissions again.
  • Block Object - Blocks the specific object that asked you for permissions, and temporarily denies permissions to the experience.  That object will be muted and will not ask you for permissions again, but other objects in the experience may still request permissions when you interact with them.

Video introduction to experiences





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