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Fishing Addiction Obsession or Passion

KevDee Resident Posted by in Fish Hunt - July 27, 2016, 3:30 am


So I started fishing roughly 3 months ago, I hadn't been on second life very long but I had explored a bunch and spent a lot of time listening to tunes and dancing at venues until one day a friend took me to Business park and introduced me to fishing. Suddenly my second life changed, for the better? I believe so.

It wasn't long before I decided to upgrade my rod for a little extra XP boost per cast and having some L$ floating in my account I skipped up to a deluxe rod, opting for a custom one for the looks, coz well, who doesn't like having aesthetics within second life. So off i went with my new rod watching my XP grow more. At this stage I didn't notice much profit but I was not worried about that because I was having fun.

Then I heard about fishing pets, Shubbies and my babygirl got a blue one, oh my gosh are they adorable and I couldn't stop clicking it to make it say "Hello" in that adorable little voice. I was giggling every time and even now I still love it. So I saved up some L$ and went on the hunt for a cheaper one than the cost in MP, I eventually found a green Shubbie for quite cheap and bought it up and Miss Chief was born. Then I found outfits and accessories to suit Miss Chief and went about editing and adapting to make her anesthetically pleasing to me, Now I had a companion to gain me more XP and help cast times. One happy fisherman.

Then having read more about higher XP leading to better profits I invested in some tasty worms over the small worms to get that XP up quicker, wasn't long I hit into the top 1000 and I noticed my returns had increased, not a great deal but hey, I wasn't in this for a get rich scheme but rather to have fun and maybe make a little L$ while doing it.

Suddenly I found myself watching my all time rank where previously this wasn't of any real interest, watching my rank get better and better and fast. During which I had always entered the Royal events but not really cared too much about rank and just figured a little extra L$ each week was a bonus. Though now I was even watching that ranking. Soon I found my all time rank in the 500's and noticed not only was I watching all time and royal ranks but also the monthly as well. While I am not competitive I did find enjoyment in achieving decent rankings, I am still having fun.

Learning more and more as time goes on and still loving fishing as much as the day I started, it's all I do on second life. Fish a bouy until spooked then click the next location button on HUD and teleport to fish again. Though little frustrating the HUD next location tends to bring up the same 5 places over and over again when there is so many other lands, once in a while I'll find a new place to enjoy.

So I wake in the morning, put kettle on, go for a smoke, come back to make a coffee and log on second life to fish away... the entire day.

Am I Addicted? or is it an Obsession? or has it just become a Passion?

Whichever it is, it's FUN!

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I am a fishing addict, you'll find me bouncing around from buoy to buoy. I am often distracted so may not see nearby chat.

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dayz Short
August 1, 2016, 10:46 pm -

Hi KevDee! ☺/   I think it's prolly a little of both? It sounds like you've joined the...."just one more buoy and i'll go to bed" group. I'm glad you're keeping perspective and keeping it fun. We GM's get much pleasure out of watching someone come in as a noob stumbling up the steps to the ATM progress to the player that taps the ATM without ever leaving their stance by the buoy. Let's not forget to mention the most important aspect of Fish HUnt tho - the community! Fish on! \o/

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