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24 rules and being spooked

Barbs Kurka Posted by in Fish Hunt - September 2, 2016, 3:09 am


First I must say that I am ranked 122 all time in Fish Hunt, have a green shubbie that split 3 times, have 4 worm farms and a magic rod. I have been fishing for over 3 years daily.

The 24 hours until you can fish again rule and spooked rules should be changed. You should be free to fish a bouy, leave it and come back. All fishing should be reset at midnight SLT. Here are some problems with the current rules.

1. I finished fishing a 8x event last night. Fished until I was depleted. The event started again, I return roughly the same time to fish it, and it tells me I have to wait 2 hours more. WHY? So the event can be over and I am not able to take part in it? I do not get to benefit, the land owner does not get my traffic. What is the point of this 24 rule?

2. I am fishing 1x, see a 2x pop up, go fish there, but now I cannot come back to the 1x I was at before? WHY? This makes no sense. Or I wait and finish the 1x and miss the 2x. Why can't I be free to come and go to any bouy I have not done my 50 some casts at?

3. I go to a 2x event and the money runs out. So am I to wait for it to refill and not fish anywhere else all day? Or do I go fish elsewhere and see the 2x refilled and now I cannot go back to it. Now if I wait, then I am not using the system all that time I could be fishing somewhere. Or because I fished after the 2x ran out, now I cannot come back to the 2x anymore for 24 hours at least, and that land owner misses my traffic. 

Why do you have these rules???



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ChironTheodore Resident
September 3, 2016, 4:42 am -

I see it as a balance. If there was no 24 hours rule and being spooked:
1. I imagine there would be less buoys available because one could be fishing at the same buoy longer and buoy would drain faster.  
2. Most fishers will go to fish multiplier events which means the traffic is higher whenever a landowner activates a fish multiplier event. However not all landowner can afford to hold a fish event most of the time. As a fisher I would not want landowners to feel pressured in spending more L$ to hold a fish event just to generate more traffic from fellow fishers. In the end, the landowners might look for other alternatives of traffic tool. => lesser buoys available.
3. Let's be honest, most of fishers are just purely fishers. We visit a land with a Fish Hunt buoy just to fish and earn L$. I asked myself if I was a landowner, would I want the same fisher to keep coming back in shorter time just to fish at my buoy again without giving me any business in return, the answer is pretty obvious
Just my 2 cents



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Barbs Kurka
September 4, 2016, 6:12 pm -

I am only saying that it should all be reset at a fixed time every day and you should be free to fish anywhere until you have reach 40 or 50 casts for that day at that place. I am not saying you should be able to cast unlimited all day at 1 bouy.

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