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dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - December 20, 2016, 8:38 am


This blog aims to discuss the matter of "stealing coins"(cleaning up)

(note* the proper term for this is "cleaning up" coins - for the purpose of this blog only I will refer to it as "stealing")



*Stealing/cleaning up is allowed. 

It is part of the gameplay - written into the game intentionally. It is not greed and does not make the stealer a bad sport or bad person.  Causing a scene or reporting the theft would be useless as it is absolutely allowed to steal/clean up somebody else's coins or gems.

It is NOT allowed to push people in order to steal their items
It is NOT allowed to use any gadgets or devices that assist in the act of stealing
It is NOT allowed to grief, harass, bully, curse, threaten, intimidate, or otherwise 
create issue with another over their stealing/cleaning up of your coins/gems

(reacting in any of the above-mentioned ways could result in consequences that may affect
your ability to play the Goldtokens games,and can include but is not limited to loss or reduction of stats)



*Stealing /cleaning up is a balance  between risk and reward. 

At first we had a game where people could claim as many coins as they wanted to. 
They would fly around clicking coins and answering the menu choices in mid air. This 
 resulted in one player being able to clear a whole sim full of coins in a very short time. 
 This wasn't exactly fair to other players, or landowners.
We then introduced requirements that players had to be within a few meters of a coin to 
claim it. This didn't solve the problem entirely though because people could still clear an entire sim easily, they just took a bit longer to do it.

Allowing stealing/cleaning up puts fear of loss into the game, and if it doesn't always prevent a hunter from clicking every coin in sight, it at least prepares them to understand that moving  too far away from a clicked coin may mean another hunter will take it from them - risk and reward.


YOU CAN'T STEAL SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU... however you can clean up coins which were left lying on a sim... they do NOT belong to the person who first clicked on them... they belong to the first responder to answer the  claim question correctly. FOR THIS REASON, THE TERM "STEALING " IS NOW CALLED "CLEANING UP"


*If you are WITHIN less than 3m of your clicked coin when the math question appears, it cannot be taken from you.


How do I tell what distance I am from my coin?
A  hovertip is an element of the user interface that displays information about something when the user's mouse "hovers" over it. Tooltips in Second Life will display information such as the owner of an object or land as well as an avatar's name. Tooltips can be turned off through the View > Hover Tips or toggled by the keyboard command "Ctrl-Shift-T".

If you enable hover tips , then pausing your mouse on your coin will tell you how far you are from it.

 Being 3.0001 m from your coin does not protect it.  
 When the text over your coin turns black and says
 "ready for (your name)  ( unless you click and take it first )"
 it can be stolen/cleaned up at this time.


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