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dayz Short Posted by in General - February 2, 2017, 9:06 pm


If you are at a buoy and do not cast the allowed casts at that buoy before leaving to fish at another buoy, you will automaticaly be "spooked" at the first buoy and will not be able to fish there for 24 hours.

10x multiplier events allow 15 casts per fisher, this is true for all rod types..

XP determines how much profit you make. The higher your over-all XP, the better your odds of catching higher value fish more often.

Rank determines your standings within the fishing community - the only factor it contributes to your earnings is the rank bonus. The rank bonus only applies if you are using a Pro rod or better.

Rank can be lost. For example; if you start fishing less than those in ranks around you they could pass you. XP can not be lost in this manner.

Upgrading rods can only be done from same rod type to same rod type. For example; from a Deluxe rod to a Deluxe rod Extended version. To get an updated rod at the discounted rate, you must submit a ticket at our helpdesk requesting it. The upgrade cost is the difference between the price of the two rods.

Transfering your rod to another avatar will break the scripts in your rod. This cannot be fixed.

You can switch which worms you use by logging in to the Goldtokens website and viewing your settings tab.

You can view your fishing lottery catches by logging in to the Goldtokens website and viewing your resources tab.

Goldtokens will only guarantee you profit if you are using the small green worms. Being a beginner with low XP and fishing 1x buoys will not affect the guarantee of profit if you average your casts over 100 casts and subtract all lottery worms won from your costs.

Enabling the ability to save local chat logs in your preference window will allow staff to help you much more easily should you have rod or buoy errors while fishing.

Our ATM system of payment is as follows - your fishing earnings go to your Goldtokens account and are viewable with each cast. You must withdraw those earnings from our ATM in order to see them in your SL account.

If you get an error while withdrawing from one of our ATM's  simply file a ticket with our helpdesk support staff and wait for instructions to be sent to you via email. Check your spam folder for these as well.

The potions and powders won when fishing are a bonus - a gift from the creators - and are not resellable. The exceptions to this policy are the fish you catch, and Biowaste.

If you are fishing at a busy sim and are getting many "Oh Dears" results, slow down your casts and listen for the sounds of other fishers casting. Aim your casts for when there is less casting sounds.

It is against Goldtokens policy to ask the hosts of our buoys to fund a depleted buoy or turn a multiplier event on.

It is best to move away from the landing point after tp-ing to a buoy so that others coming in don't land on you and are not obstructed by your avatar.

Fish Hunt does not allow one person to "double dip" a buoy. This means you cannot use 2 or more avatars 2 fish the same buoy at the same time or to fish an event repetively through the use of alts.

The use of scripts or devices that allow autocasting are expressly forbidden. The exception to this is the Magic Cast Potion that works with the Magic rod.

When buying worms from the vendors, be sure to click the barrel first to force the worm price in the hover text to update to the correct and curent price.

If you underpay a barrel for the worms you chose, paying more into the barrel to bring it up to the needed amount will NOT work, it is important to read the worm cost carefully and make sure you are using the worm type you mean to be buying.

If you arrive at a buoy and find your fishing rod is not responding to your clicks, check to see if that land requires you to join their group before the ability to fish will be enabled.

Clicking the "About Land" window of your current location will open a window that will give you the group needed to join / fish your location.

Some of our buoy hosts are located on gaming sims. You will need to be in compliance with SecondLife Skill Gaming  requirments to enter these lands. http://www.goldtokens.net/blogs/908/how-to-fix-skill-gaming-regions

If your attempt to purchase worms through the barrel vendors fails to transact correctly, make sure you copy the local chat log of this effort  and save it in a safe place. You will need it later to show staff what happened.

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