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First Day Gold Hunting!

LovelySimGirl Resident Posted by in Gold Hunt - March 23, 2017, 9:12 am


This sure beats slapping mania boards! I've never heard of gold hunting, nor goldtokens.net before. I happened to stumble upon it after teleporting to a location after joining Bletaverse. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm doing. I've clicked on a couple of coins and won them, but the website says I have 0, but that was before I found a goldtoken hunt atm so I can create an account. Would have been nice if the previous place I was at had had that. I'd been clicking on coins and punching in the correct answer after the count down not knowing it wasn't doing me any good. Maybe there was one nearby on that sim and I just couldn't find it. Anyway, I have an account now or I wouldn't be writing this blog post. (Smile)


So how did I feel? Excited, and a bit nervous that I won't know how to collect. I'm still not sure about that. One time after collecting a coin it said I won a lottery, then another time I won something for crafting, but nothing was sent to me. And if I had needed to have an account first to collect it, it would have been nice if it had told me so and given me the link to go to the gold goldtokens atm (or whatever it is) so I could have TP'd there and gotten my password to log into the website much sooner! 

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LovelySimGirl Resident

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Not much to tell. My name is Joann, I live in Northeast Ohio. I'm in my late 40's and I love playing the Sims. I originally made this avatar to play the Second Life version of The Sims called Life2 but haven't gotten around to it yet lol

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dayz Short
April 17, 2017, 11:43 am -

hello. =) welcome to our commuity . let me clarify and explain a little bit of the game play fr you. it will help your experience in our community be both more enjoyable and more profitable =)




an account was made for you the first time you succesfully collected one of our coins.but signing in to one or getting a password is not required to cash out.  to get that linden earned you have to go to one of two ATMs at business park (headquarters) these are not the ATMs atached to the contest boards. Please contact a game master in world if you wish to confirm that you are using the correct atm . you may message me directly for assistance/questions at any time. if i am AFK just leave yoru question with me and i will respond as soon as i see it.


the crafting materials are virtual resources, not prims that one gets in inventory. to view your current resouces log in to yoru profile and click the resources tab. the items will be listed there.


you can go here http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/Main_Page  to read info about those resources and related gameplay. you can also ask in-world in the Linden Gold Hunters (LGH) chat room.


please, do feel free to contact myself or another game master for further help =)

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