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Reterik Resident Posted by in General - April 6, 2017, 6:49 pm


Hello everyone to another Words By A Moonstorme blog here at Goldtokens.net... I've been playing traffic games for a long time and have also been a staff member for LGH games in the past, and I just wanted to list out a few constantly asked questions that the group gets on a daily basis... Some of these may not be what you're looking for, so if you have a different question feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog and I will attempt to answer you correctly. Let's begin...




Q: Hi Reterik, I have a friend who wants to join the group (Linden Gold Hunters), how can I get them an invite?

A: Hi! To have your friend join the group, simply have them walk close to a Fish Hunt Buoy, the Smartbot: GroupHarvy, will then automatically send your friend a group invite!


Q: What is the best rod to fish with?

A: The best rod is a matter of choice. Have absolutely no money? Free rods are terrific to use, they may earn you less experience but you will never have to pay for the free rod! Have some money saved? A deluxe rod can help earn you a lot of experience per cast, and there are even special editions of the deluxe rod so you can personalize your fishing experience! Or are you wanting the big experience? Magic rods are the fastest experience earners, with a bit of a cost, however as an added bonus you can buy Magic Potions to use while fishing to Magic Cast by pressing A+D at the same time casting 5 times per charge (100 charges per bottle), no need to click your rod, just answer the AFK checks. Hope this helps!


Q: I've been fishing all day and still my L$ balance is zero, what am I doing wrong?

A: Your L$ balance is different from your fishing balance. To check your fishing balance, simply look in local chat and look at your last cast information, your balance will be shown under "earnings". Once you have over L$1 in this earnings section, you may visit the ATM at either the FH area or the GH area, and select 'withdraw'. This will send the L$ from your LGH account to your L$ account.


Q: I don't Gold Hunt, but I want to use the GH ATM in the middle of Business Park, do I need to have L$1 worth of coin hunting to use it?

A: Certainly not. All L$ earned into your LGH account is combined, so you may use either ATM to withdraw.


Q: What makes me more money?

A: Okay, this question is a bit loaded with different answers, however the professional opinion I have is, whatever is easiest for you. Fishing is easier for some who have slower computers and just want to relax, but then there are hunters who like finding things and making money that way. You don't have to be tied down though, you can do both like many of us do. Some of us are even able to do multiple at once, like when coins rez within the 30m range of fishing at a buoy, or if a trivia ball is in orbit while fishing. Like I said, whatever works for you.


Q: I ran out of worms, what do I do?

A: Running out of worms is easy to do when you're having fun! Easiest way is to buy more at a barrel located at one of the Fishing Locations, green/small worms are usually always cheapest and you can get 4-5 worms per linden.


Q: But what if I don't have any L$ to buy more worms?

A: Well then, you can continue fishing with no worms! It is a longer process with a much longer timer, but you can still fish for free with no worms! Or if you want to keep earning at the pace you want, you can switch over to hunting for coins until you've earned enough L$ in your account to withdraw and buy more worms!


Q: My husband/wife/brother/sister who I am close to owns a land that hosts LGH products, can I still attend those events?

A: No... Sorry. Due to some of the Terms of Service, it is seen as artificially inflating ones income/experience. If you feel that you are not entirely related to someone but are somehow related to them, it may be best to ask a GM to see if you are allowed to visit said land, but general rule of thumb, if you're related or business partners, you can't hunt on that land.


Q: I keep casting my line at the buoy but it says I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can fish here again, what does this mean?

A: You've 'Spooked' the fish in that area. It's a general occurence in real life that some fish may flee the area if they feel threatened, same goes for SL. After a certain amount of casts the fish will fear you for a 24 hour duration and won't return until the time is up. It is best at this point to find another buoy to fish at via the land list or your HUD. In 24 hours you can visit that buoy again.


Q: How can I craft my own potions?

A: Simple! Go to the crafting hut at FH HQ.Buy a recipe, the ingredients for said recipe, and then go to the cauldron and select the potion you wish to make! Need more info? Use: http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/Crafting



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