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Fishing for XP Part 1 The Basics

Parsnip Latzo Posted by in Fish Hunt - April 30, 2017, 1:52 am


One hears the question frequently asked in the LGH group chat. “How do I make linden(L$) fishing when all I catch are cheap fish?” The answer is your fish values will get better as you go up in rank and gain XP. And yet, we spend the next weeks, months and even years trying to make as much L$ as possible. Our fishing habits become conditioned to fishing for L$. We always fish the multiples even if it means dozens of missed fish due to lag and wiggles. And if we can afford a few faster Tasty worms, we use them at those same multiples with the justification that the extra worm cost will be covered by the increased value of the fish we catch.

Last November (2016) I managed to pass a few fishers in rank over a relatively short period of time. But then I found myself behind an active fisher who was over 1,250,000 XP in front of me! It took me 6 months to catch and pass them. During that time, I had to rethink how I fished and started focusing on fishing for maximum XP without spending more L$ then necessary. Part 1 covers the basics of fishing for XP while Part 2 talks about strategies for maximizing your fishing XP.

Where does XP come from? The first tool to focus on is your fishing rod. Every time you catch a fish, your rod gives you XP. Depending on the rod it will be 1xp, 2xp, 4xp or 8xp. Yes, the 8xp rods are expensive, but you will ultimately need one when you reach rank above 100 or so. Getting a Deluxe rod (4xp) on credit using the Quest can be an excellent strategy for beginning fishers to start getting more XP early on without having to reach into your RL savings to buy a rod. During Double XP events, the rod's xp value TRIPLES! I'll talk more about Double XP strategies later in Part 2.

The next tool for gaining XP is the shubbie. They provide XP as well as a reduction in casting time. Shubbies have to be fed and you need to buy the food. So this is a good place to start talking about Cost Per Cast. Shubbies, worms and potions all have a cost per cast. Worm cost is obvious. If I pay 0.25L$ for a small worm, my cost per cast is 0.25. Shubbies eat Magic Dust every cast. Current food pricing is just below 50L$ per 1000 spoons of food or 0.05 per spoon. Blue shubbie eats 1 spoon per cast and gives you +1xp. Green eats 2 spoons but gives you +3xp. And Red eats 3 spoons for +5xp. A shubbie can split at a certain level and give you another shubbie that you can either use or sell. After the first split, the shubbie's food consumption doubles. (Blue=2, Green=4, Red=6) However the XP given remains the same. (+1, +3, +5)

So what does that have to do with fishing for XP? Let's say I have a Deluxe rod and fishing with Small worms at 0.25 per worm. I get +4xp for every successful cast at a cost of 0.25. I buy a Green shubbie. Now I get +7xp per cast at a cost of 0.35. By way of contrast, instead of a shubbie, I could fish with Tasty worms and get an extra +2xp. But that's only +6xp per cast at a cost of 0.55! In most cases, owning a shubbie is more cost effective for higher XP as well as reducing casting time than buying high-end worms.

Worms are another source for adding XP. Tasty worms give +2xp. Enhanced worms give +3xp. And Magic worms give +10! As I just mentioned, the cost per cast tends to be high for the amount of XP you receive. BUT WORM XP DOUBLES DURING DOUBLE XP EVENTS! This seems to be something that many fishers don't realize. Shubbie XP remains the same and does not double or triple.

The last tool in the XP toolbox is the XP Elixer. Winning XP and XP Elixer while fishing is the cheapest way to get XP. You can also purchase Small XP Elixer, current price around 55L. That gives you 15 charges(casts) of +5xp each. Cost per cast then is around 3.66 for +5xp. XP Elixer is like shubbie XP and does not double or triple during Double XP Events.

That covers XP Basics. On to Part 2 for “The Strategies”


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