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3rd Party Potion Vendor Set AutoRez System

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - June 20, 2017, 11:38 pm


The Following Is A 3rd Party Product Made By ::MAD THREADS:: For LGH Products For Use With Crafting Potions And Selling Them, LGH Does Not Own This Product, So Please Contact ::MAD THREADS:: Owner Reterik About Issues With Product, Thank You.


OUR PRODUCT ON MARKETPLACE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MAD-Potion-Sellers-Friend-Auto-Rez-Vendors-Boxed/12063015


The Auto-Rez Vendor system is a product made to help potion crafters who sell their potions to the public much easier. We have made multiple potion vendors in the past to help accomodate player's to save prim allocation on their rentals or on their property. This set however we decided to listen to a few folks, stating that they wanted potions available to they can use them right then and there, and not have to rez them somewhere like a sandbox to use them. So we came up with the solution, a vendor in which you can sell your potions easily, but not have to be there to keep rezzing potions out to help the crafters save on their prim allocation! Below we are placing our youtube video so you can see how to use the product visually, if you care to look below that, you can read how to set up the vendors properly in text format.



1. Rez out the vendors you wish to use, we include 6 vendors, one for each potion, and they are copy/mod/no trans.

2. Rez out the potions you wish to sell on the ground.

3. Right click your potion, and choose edit. Then go to the general item tab, select 'sell', put a number figure in you wish to sell it for, and choose original, then 'Apply'. This will set your potions for sale.

4. Pick Up All potions you set for sale to your inventory.

5. Right Click And Edit Your Vendor, Go To Contents Tab, And Drag All Potions You want to sell into the appropriate vendors. Each vendor is different for rezzing locations based on the size of each potion.

6. After you have placed all potions in appropriate vendors, and put the vendors in their locations you want them in, simply left click the vendor, your first potion should rez above the vendor. Check the product if you want to ensure it is for sale.

7. When the product is purchased and taken, or purchased and used (which auto deletes itself when it's rezzed), a new product will take it's place, until your potions are gone.

8. When a vendor is empty, our ~~~~~OUT OF ORDER~~~~~ prim will rez out above your vendor, this prim is a marker to let you and others know that you have run out of that particular potion. You can then refill your vendor with new potions, and take the out of order prim. A new potion should rez, if it does not, simply reset the scripts and click the vendor like you did previously to start the process again.

9. Enjoy not having to rez all the time! Only requires maximum 24 prims for a rental, vendor is 1 prim, a potion is 3 prim, equals 4 prim, times 6 vendors, equals 24 prim altogether! Enjoy!


Thank you for your interest in our product, if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments below. Thank you, and have a great day!

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