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The Black Hole of Support Tickets

KriJon Resident Posted by in General - July 28, 2017, 6:08 pm


Most of the tickets I submit to LGH don't get repsonded to unless I follow-up on them. This isn't new, it's been happening for a long time now. Essentially, the game is run by one person, and the only way to get their attention is to be a squeaky wheel, and then take the shame doled out for not having patience and waiting for a non-response. I once waited a month before saying anything, then was shamed about why I waited so long. 24-hours is too short, 48-hours is too short, 1 week is replied with "he will get to it soon, he is just really busy", as is 2 weeks and then after that you are just (in LGH's eyes) being annoying. 

Even fixes take years, fixes the whole team, even the owner, agree upon. Notes on the worm barrels stating an ability to remove orders is coming have been there for years now. These are efforts to console players about things that will never happen because the person who created and runs this game simply can't bring himself to trust anyone else with anything. I get it, he's been through the wringer, but then maybe this isn't the right business for him now. A business is not a one-man job, it's a team. And there are people on his team who are extremely loyal to him and would do a good job for him if they were only given the chance to do so. Some of these are women, which is part of the issue. Sadly, if you run an international game, you really ought to work hard to shed any idea that women can't or won't do the same quality of work that you do (or don't) do. 

I think LGH is one of the best games going out there. It's social, fun, dynamic - but it's the support that always makes me want to turn and run. I'm at a point now where I don't even need to fish to do well in the game. It takes little of my time. But when I do have to submit a ticket I dread it. Right now, I just want some worms back, but it could be months before that happens, depending on what's going on with him. I really wish he would trust others, especially those who have been loyal to him for years. It would make the game more appealing for lots of people if we didn't have to wait in queue for one person to do everything. It's impossible, causes people to leave the game and that hurts returns for everyone, even him. 

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TallTamryu Resident
January 26, 2019, 11:59 am -

Why is being a woman an issue? :o

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