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A Special Note of Thanks to the Goldtokens Community

TerryDavidd Resident Posted by in Announcements - August 7, 2017, 6:31 am


During these last few weeks, with Terry in the Hospital and Daisy with the fire - a time of short-handed staff issues and training new Elders - again and again we have seen community step up and cover the LGH chat room.

  We have seen the dependable, good-hearted, chatty players continue to assist in LGH, and we have seen the less-chatty, but none-the-less good-hearted players step up to assist as well. Ones that normally say very little in LGH, now speaking up to guide a confused player, offer directions, advice, words of caution, lend personal experience to the perspective , and so much more. We have seen fairly new players lend a hand, and old-timers lead a wayward conversation back on track. All of them, all of YOU, haven't stopped at just helping other community members though.

  WE have also been the recipients of your support. You have stood up for us, defended us, explained for us, worried for us, prayed for us. Supported us. We read chat logs as a way to discover who is misbehaving and who has unanswered questions. But in doing so, we have seen  - over and over again - a community come together and share a load. People forming an atmosphere of good-natured helpfulness. and camaraderie (even those who leave our games return to continue being a part of our community). To say we are proud of what we have created here would be inaccurate. We haven't created this community, it formed of its own volition through the strength and big-hearted people who play/host our games. We tip our hats to you all.

The LGH staff Thank you

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KevDee Resident
August 7, 2017, 10:11 am -

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