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Help reduce hunger share this info about The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act

DevinKnights84 Resident Posted by in Ideas - August 22, 2017, 7:02 am


World hunger and food industry leftovers

     There are many people going without food in the world, it's very sad, painful and frustrating for those that want to help as well. Fortunately there's a way we can help reduce the amount of hungry people with the help of the Federal Law: The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act talked about in the links below and by the help of restaurant owners and any people that will spread the word about this. Please check out these links, they explain how restaurants can legally donate their leftover foods and help reduce hunger in the USA. In my experience most restaurant owners, managers, employees and just about everyone else has no clue this law is out there. Many of them saying/thinking it's illegal for them to do anything but throw all the leftover food away. I have worked in restaurant industry and not one person mentioned this but complained about the amounts of wasted food being thrown away every day and alot of that food is still good not ready for trash. It's just wrong to throw away soo much food with so many hungry people in the world.

Who this helps..

  • This would help anyone in need of food, struggling, starving, not getting proper nutrients..etc.
  • Reducing trash in landfills lowers the amount of toxins in our atmosphere.
  • Earth
  • Humans
  • Our children, friends and family.
  • Charity/volunteer organizations. By helping spread this info it's possible that charity/volunteer organzations can help feed more hungry people.

How to help..

  • Share these links about The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.
  • Tell friends, family, coworkers.
  • Find volunteer groups that are willing to collect and properly handle/package and distribute the food.
  • Help collect/package and distribute donated food.
  • Donate leftover industry food to the proper volunteer organizations.

The info...

     I've included the link to the site that tought me about this, as well as a link to the actual legal document pdf. So, please don't overlook this, read about it, pass it on, help you, hungry people and the environment by simply sharing these, getting involved by collecting food donations and distributing to the hungry or by finding a collecting group near you and donating leftover restaurant foods to them.

The planet needs us, heres how we can start helping in the U.S.

          Please check these out..

                       ..and pass them on please.

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