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A Word From Mother Nature

dayz Short Posted by in General - September 8, 2017, 8:09 am


I heard the distant rumble as you 
chewed through breathing trees
with your 
technological teeth you ate 
the air I need to breathe
all the birds took off in flight with 
panicked wings that beat to flee

while your 
civilized consumption 
dined on every pore of me

Your cars your trains your 
engines poisoned lungs until I choked 

you tore black holes in 
my skies with  all the fumes you smoked
 you smoked 

I was running to repair the very 
air you need to live

but I never will 
catch up because God knows 
you've more to give 

my skin is scarred by 
canyons from the tears 
I've cried in vein
while my 
rivers wash your pesticides your oil 
spills down my drain
and now 
the very earth you stand on is some 
holocaustic brew
and God alone knows 
I keep running just so 
I can live here too 
but you are monsters of technology 
and you rape the hand that feeds 
making desperate predictions while 
the earth around you bleeds and 
mother nature earns your curses but 
it's you who plants the seeds 
And now you tremble at my anger 
at my vengeance as I wreak 
havoc on your homes with spewing 
breath You hear me shriek and I
and I !! alone I tremble 
'neath your quickly running feet 
and send my stored up tears in oceans 
to your doors for you to meet 
In mindless pain I roar displeasure 
for so many years of harm and all my anger 
sends you reeling when 
I rush past mother's arms and now 
I'm drained of that emotion 
as I gaze upon your pain 
and I try soothing you with breezes
but I know I went insane and all of you
who are my children I have hurt you 
once again and I am sorrow I am
rendered broken hearted by the death
upon the creatures that depend upon my 
gentle, kinder breath I send you 
scarlet skies of shame to cloud the 
horror I created and the promise that
for now, at least, my anger has abated
and I mourn oh God I mourn this
devastation by my hand far more than I
have ever mourned your 
disrespect of all my land
I see my breeze caress your 
tear-stained cheeks as eyes flow
from your sorrow and I begin again 
to run to mend to lend
hope for tomorrow


by D. Short

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