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A Players Responsibility

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - October 1, 2017, 6:47 am


This Blog addresses the responsibility of the player to meet their end of the deal when playing our games.

What IS a players end of the deal?

* To respond to Gold Rush  notices in a timely manner - understanding that this notice is going to ALL of our players and taking your time to get to the announced Gold Rush may result in the inability to find any coins or gems left to collect.

* You may actually be required to HUNT when visiting one of the Gold Hunt lands. Some LandOwners toss coins out for you to stumble over. Many more do not. They hide the coins and gems in clever spots and it is your responsibility to find them. That's why it's called HUNT.

* Realize that Fish Hunt has the word HUNT in it as well, and be prepared to walk around to locate the buoy if needed. 

* To read the land rules of the lands you visit - be they Gold Hunt lands or Fish Hunt lands. Breaking a Landowners rule could result in the LandOwner banning you, or even penalties from the Goldtokens game staff.

* Conducting yourself in a civilized manner; fishing, hunting, shopping, trivia, whatever your reason for being on a land that hosts our games - you are expected to conduct yourself with respect to all whom you encounter. 

* Read the http://www.goldtokens.net/terms-of-service TOS.  Playing without reading the TOS is like driving on a busy 4-lane highway without ever learning how to use the brakes.

The constraints of Second Life sometimes govern the game play. Lag happens, rez delays, avatars crash, servers bleep, Techno Tuesdays, even noobies. Real Life issues also happen. Life is known for throwing the unexpected in front of us and chuckling when we trip. Allow for game play to be affected by this. For yourself and for others. 

What is your end of the deal? To take some responsibility for yourselves as players of a large community system and social network. Know the rules, show respect, and allow for error - human or otherwise.


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