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How Much Is Enough

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - November 9, 2017, 2:35 pm


3 GMs and 2 Elders. That is the staff of LGH. Yesh there are admins and Wili but the staff that does the work are 3 GMs and 2 Elders.  So when I say staff.. those 5 are whom I refer to.

The LGH staff have real life jobs, and families, and lifes. That means that after putting in 8 hours or more a day at work, and going home to feed family and clean house and take hubbys clothes to the cleaners and tend to the pets and pay bills and get the groceries and take care of the plants in the garden and chop fire wood  and take elderly parenst to doc appts and get the car serviced, and and and...when others are falling in to bed , we sign in to SL and continue working.

Well, some might think, it isn't really work now is it - you get to sit at the pc and chat in the LGH chat room and play the games while you offer "support".

What happens when a GM or an Elder logs in to SL . The moment they log in there are messages waiting from when they were AFK or logged out. All asking for support that ranges anywhere from answering a simple question, to sorting out major disputes, to clarifying how our systems work to a landowner, to mending broken fences between players, to explaining in great minute detail how to farm.And so. As we settle in to begin responding to these waiting IMs, more pour in. It's safe to say that a GM has anywhere from 5 to 20 IMs open at any given time on any given day . All players or landowners needing support. And the elders are busily doing the same or trying to guide rowdy players in the chat room so we have time to respond to the IMs. ok so the responding part may often take all night to do, so we tackle that as we do other chores  and chat in LGH. Because we are chatting in LGH does not mean we are not also scrambling behind the scenes to get work done. It means only tht we have become very good at multi-tasking.

What are these mysterious chores and tasks mentioned. 

setting up barrels, cleaning HUDs and website lists. making buoys public making buoys private changing slurls for Landowners figuring out why a slurl doesnt work or where the buoys are or explaining why you can't charge people to hunt your land or explaining how our system works to potential game hosts or sorting tickets to make sure they get to the proper departments in a timely manner or responding to tickets an admin has assigned to you or contacting server hosts to find out why the server stiopped serving or visiting lands to make sure all are in compliance with our TOS or testing product functions when something seems to be glitcching  or making sure the HQ shop renters are keeping to the  rental agreements re; products and advertising  to countless meetings to discuss how best to address an issue  to discussing how best to prevent a player from continued verbal abuse of another player or of staff without taking away their ability to cash out to pages and pages and pages of lands that need categorized  to trying to save players from being banned due to their own inability to follow  rules.

I have barely scratched the surface. 

And while doing this we are also in LGH chatting.. responding to questions and maintaining peace and civility.. while still responding to that list of waiting people from when we first came in. WE  cannot fish or hunt wothout being interrupted to give support.we cannot have any free time if we are logged in unless we hide in an alt because if our name is online it means we are working.

Put away the violins and cheese. This isn't a whine. We work for LGH because we really like to help people and we love the Goldtokens games and believe in the creator of them abnd we are a part of this community. It is absolutly not a bother to be messaged with requests for support. Its why we are here. 

I wrote the above words so that when i write the next paragraph you will understand why.

We are not support for SL. we are not Noob island support staff and we are not staff/support for any of the viewers used within SL.When support is asked for in these areas, IF we have time to respond and know the correct answer, we will do so. And we certainly dont mind if members of the community choose to do so. If its going to be a long drawn-out session we perefer it be done in IMs, but by al means.. help them if you wish.

But do NOT come to staff after seeing them decline to help someone who has mistaken us for SL staff  and accuse us of being intolerant, unkind, unsupportive, bad at our jobs, without compassion or kindness, or any other insults you care to throw at us. We are here to support LGH issues. We do not have time to teach new residents how to tp or how to do this or how to do that. The time we spend doing so is time an issue relevant to LGH is not being sorted. Anf frankly, we havent the energy to take on more work

WE LOVE OUR JOBS HERE!!! WE honestly like the people and the work and the comaradie . But I am flabbergasted by the thought that we are expected to give even more.. not just expected to, but insulted  if we don't.

How much is enough?

Well, so much for a quickjk read. But honestly. If I had simply said hey - we don't work for SL, we work for LGH.. dont have a tizzy if we decline to offer support.. and left it at that, there would be hell to pay tomoprrow.So much about the Goldtokens games and its staff are misunderstood and falsy accussed of wrongness as it is that I find i had to write a longer blog than any of us woulkd like. It is what it is. 

I need to add something nhere.. Our commuity is made up of the most wonderful kind and thoughtful/helpful people i have ever had the luck to meet. I seriously doubt that the people who voiced their words about our lack of global support to all companies understoofd our work load or what they were actually expecting us to do. 

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