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KevDee Resident Posted by in General - December 29, 2017, 8:41 am


BLOL? you ask, what is BLOL?

Well my friend reading this, BLOL is a acronym I just made up for the sake of this blog

But what does it stand for you annoying cat? you say

Well my friend that is simple, BLOL stands to Big List of Links!


This list is mostly for myself or anyone else who wishes to use it, now I want to clearly state this is NOT my work but more just me compiling a list of links to parts of the website, wiki, blogs and sites.

**If you have links you think would be good on here please IM me in game with the links and I'll look at adding them**



**To find a topic quicker hit F3 to enable keyword search**



Terms of Service (ToS)

Help Desk (ticket system)

Royal FH past week winnings

Royal GH past week winnings

Rod info

Shubbie Info

Shubbie Leveling

Your crafting materials and worms


Crafting materials

Crafting info



Google translate

Snuffles Site

Fix log in issues

Buying on Credit

Spooking Early

When to ask a question

ATM fail how to proceed

Understanding Monthly Rank

How to Split your Shubbie

The Noob Hunt

How to buy potions powders etc

The Royal Hunt contests

How to buy and sell worms

How to fix Skill Gaming Regions

How to fix non working Fishing rod

How to fix If you can not access adult regions

Setting up multiplier notifications in your viewer

Cant you open those pesky slurl links on website read this

How to fix dropdown menus not working on website

Leveling your Ice Shubbie

Fishing for Profit

Reducing lag

The low down on Shubbies

Leveling your Ice Shubbie

Profile Picks for Royal comps

Fishpot Winners

Feudalism Hierachy

Foreign Language Policy

Understanding Quest Rod

Asking land owners for multis or buoy funds

Reduce ATM fails

About cast timers

Worm Issues and Barrels

Alts, Enhancements and autocast

Farming Rankings

How to use Website to get to FH or GH lands

Why stealing in GH is allowed

Tips for Gold Hunting

Why not Scraps? (Coin Timers)

Help Yourself/Chat logs

Using the Support system

How to Vote

Fix SURLs not opening

How to Buy/Sell worms

How to buy potions/Powders

I got sent home, WHY?

Help I am lagged

Homestead Limits & courtesy

Is fishing worth it?

How much do higher ranks earn?

This relates to ALL staff beyond the more personal points

A reminder to all


About the rules

Landowner's quick guide to Gold Hunt

Rules and harassment

Save Shubbie from Shock

Set up Multi notifications

Enabling hover tips

Gold Hunt land points

Goldtokens Help Center

Russian Fish Hunt Guide

Starting a LGH related land

Fing items returned



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