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Fishing Shubbies... How Much Do They Truly Cost?

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - January 10, 2018, 2:27 am


Hello Everyone, It's been a while since last I've really been in the community's blogs, so I decided to do something someone asked me a long time ago to do after I made the 'how much does a shubbie eat' blog, which you can find here: http://www.goldtokens.net/blogs/1311/shubbies-eat-what

Anyways, today I am writing this blog for how much a shubbie will actually cost you overall after it's first split for FISHING, and then for GOLD HUNTING..

How Much It Costs: Fishing Shubbie

We will begin saying we are purchasing a Blue Water Shubbie (Fishing) at Business Park, say that the price is L$1000. Now note that a Blue Water Shubbie Will Eat 1 scoop of magic powder per cast, also giving it +1 expereience. Let's look at how much experience it takes before the shubbie will reach it's first split, which is 50,487 experience points. Considering the fact that a shubbie gives you a bit of powder to start off with, you'll still need to buy or craft fifty one (51) magic powder items. Each Magic Powder gives you 1,000 scoops of dust.

Current Market Price To Purchase Powder: L:$48 / ea

Current Crafting Cost To Create Powder: L$42.4 / ea (While Materials Prices Last, The Material Cost May Differ During Crafting Process)

Considering the fact that you will need to have 51 items of the powder, we can take this cost and multiply by 51 to get the total FOOD COST, for your shubbie's first split.

Buying The Powder:

51 * L$48 = L$ 2,448

Crafting The Powder

51 * L$42.4 =L$ 2,162.4

Considering you may win some here and there with fishing lotteries you may only need to make or buy 50 powders.

So how much does your shubbie actually cost after purchase, binding and starting to use it to fish?

L$1000 + L$2448 = L$ 3,448


L$1000 + L$2162.4 = L$ 3,162.4

After this you will need to buy or craft 20 more for your next split because a shubbie doubles it's eating habits after it's first split! Then you will again have to buy or craft another 20 for the third split. Each additional split will cost you L$ 960 by buying the powder or L$ 848 by crafting it. Overall bringing your cost from that one blue shubbie to either L$ 5,368  by buying the powders or L$ 4,858.4 by crafting them. Hope this helps!

Buying Your Food Final Costs: 1st L$ 3,448 / 2nd L$ 4,408 / L$ 5,368

Crafting Your Food Final Costs: 1st L$ 3,162.4 / 2nd L$4,010.4 / 3rd L$ 4,858.4

You will also then be able to either use or sell the splits that you receive from the lab splitter either a blue, green or red. Current ranges of price Blue 1000-1200, Green 1400-1800, Red 10k-12k. Yes reds are rare and expensive! Hope this helps you fishers!


How Much It Costs: Ice Shubbie (Hunting)

First let's state that ice shubbies have lower experience levels to split, but they are very different in how they eat... However consider it as each experience point = 1 scoop of food (estimated). Each Ice Shubbie can be split 3 times. That happens at 20000, 40000, and 60000.

So that means 20 powders for split one, 40 for split 2, and another 40 for split 3. That's if my information is correct that an ice shubbie doubles eating after the first split as well.

Every 20 Powders equals L$960 or L$848 as stated prior in the fishing portion. However an ice shubbie is much cheaper to purchase at the park, which is about L$600. So take that into equation and we will end up with the following splits for below.

Buying Powders Final Costs: 1st L$ 1,560 / 2nd L$ 3,480 / 3rd L$ 5,400

Crafting Powders Final Costs: 1st L$ 1,448 / 2nd L$ 3,144 / 3rd L$ 4,840

Also consider that coins give a lot of lottery crafting items and gold crafting materials per coin. gold crafting materials per coin will make this very worth the cost as well as the splits being able to be sold afterwards, because gold crafting materials are the most expensive material to purchase today at L$0.10/ea. Considering if you collect 20 scraps to get L$1, you will also gain L$2 worth of gold crafting materials!

Gold Materials Earned Per Coin:

type golds
Scrap +1
Iron +1
Bronze +2
Silver +2
Gold +2
Ruby +3
Emerald +4
Diamond +5

 L$ 0.10 per gold! So in addition to it's original worth you'll basically be earning yourself another L$0.10 per gold material collected! More money more money!


Total L$ to USD Equivallent For A Fully Split Shubbie

Fishing Buy: L$ 5,368 = USD$ 21.48

Fishing Craft: L$ 4,858 = USD$ 19.44

Hunting Buy: L$ 5,400 = USD$ 21.60

Hunting Craft: L$ 4,840 = USD$ 19.36


I hope this helps youa all out!

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