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Bad Tomatos

dayz Short Posted by in General - February 13, 2018, 7:38 am


where we live  there's a farmers market every weekend - and this one ol farmer with a big heart... he takes all his abundant tomato crops and boxes them up.. - like maybe  25 to 30 tomatoes a box right? and he hauls them down to the farmers market and sets up a booth that he has to pay for and puts all those boxed tomatoes tht he had to buy fertilizer for and water bills.. and then he puts a sign on them that says ...FREE.

and people of the town well they all know he is there at that market every weekend and they all rush to his booth for the free tomatos. and most folks rushing to get their free tomatoes know that a few of the things are gunna be spoiled . maybe even more than a few. but what the hey teyre free and they just know they're delishes and will just throw out the badd ones and be happy for the yummy good ones. 

but some of the folks.. well...some of the folks like to open that box up right then and there and paw through the tomatoes and declare  oh! there is a bad tomato! with each one they find - as if never have they seen a bad tomato before! well of course that ol farmer - he hears - and he feels badly too! that those folks are so unhappy when all he wanted to do is make people happy. and his heart is sooo good that he isnt thinking well. ta heck with ya then ill just take mah tomatos and leave .. nooo.. this ol farmer is beating himself up for not being able to provide only good tomatos.

  Now everybody knows thta them folks who examine loudly the bad tomatos  aint tryin to make the ol farmer feel bad - theyr not bad folks ya know? they prolly just dont realize how discoraged a ol farmer can get .. or i am sure they would wait till they were home to sigh over free bad tomatos =(

now some folks might tell ya - nobody forced ya to go get them there free tomatos - and if they bother yu so much why not mosey on down to young farmer browns tomatos? they cost  money of course but ya wont get any bad ones! and others might tell ya  hey - ya knew long ago about the bad ones - why yu act like its a new thing or say stuff that makes that ol farmer feel badly? and still others might say gee - you sound like you think its the farmers fault and he should fix it for you because youre so special.. 

me? ima just take mah ol bad tomatos that ol farmer gave me and start tossing them atcha.. =)

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