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There are just too many of you

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - March 1, 2018, 5:26 pm


 I started this blog intending to name some names and say some thnx but as I started to list the names in my mind of who shoul be included I realized there are just too  freaking many of you to name. 



* the old-timers who give advice from experience

* the new folks who give advice from enthusiasm

* the ones who take time to listen and learn and then pass it on

* the ones who know how staff would respond

* the ones who don't know but go find out and then respond

* the ones who don't respond in LGH but do message to respond in IM

* the ones who make notes of observed issues and then let staff have a heads up

* the ones who step up when drama unfolds and advise about group rules

* the ones who lend the weight of their voice to staff when staff are being attacked

* the ones who encourage patience, assure the worried, offer support thru example, guide thru example, 

* the ones who offer bad information thru well-meant intentions

* the ones who sometimes forget themselves and act up, and then take the admonishment  in the freindly manner it's given

* the ones who ...well damn. everybody who's ever secretly sent a new fisher a couple bucks for worms or posted a requested link or listened while someone else let out pent up frustration or worry or concern or happiness

* the ones who write blogs  so better understanding can be gained

* the ones who forgive staff for over-reacting or mis-understanding

All ya'll



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