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Ice Shubbies & Their Eating Habits

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - March 19, 2018, 8:45 pm


So I wrote a few blogs on shubbies before, and today I'm just doing a short one based with a grid for scrap-gold... Gems are large quantities and rare to find, so they are not included in grid mechanics as of the moment...

This grid is to show how many times you can collect the select coin with a single item of shubbie powder (1000 scoops), and how much L$ value that has, plus the added benefit of gold materials you get per coin (2 per basically), current sale price per gold material is L$0.12/per. If you are wondering where I am getting my collect numbers from please see my blog: http://www.goldtokens.net/blogs/1311/shubbies-eat-what







Scrap 1000 L$50 L$240 L$290
Iron 500 L$50 L$120 L$170
Bronze 250 L$50 L$60 L$110
Silver 111.111_ L$55.5 L$26.64 L$82.14
Gold 55.556_ L$55 L$13.2 L$68.2

* = Remember that Material Sales Get Taxed And This Total Will Not Be The Exact Total You Will Receive After Sale


Coin Exp Per Item**
Scrap 1000
Iron 1500
Bronze 1250
Silver 1110
Gold 990

** = Based On Total Collections In Above Grid

Overall, what would you make the most money on granted if your gold materials sell properly? Scrap coins overall. How about experience wise? Iron Coins. So the two lowest valued coins will help your pocket and your shubbie level faster. Don't believe that higher value always means better benefits! Collect those scraps and irons too!


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