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A reminder to all

KevDee Resident Posted by in General - March 20, 2018, 6:10 am


I would like to take a moment of your time to make a few things clear as there does seem to be a few who don't quite understand or think they can still do these things.

- Anything that increases an avatar's speed, jump height/distance or uses a flight over-ride regardless if it is part of an AO or feature within your viewer, if it's increased beyond the standard base of what secondlife offers by using an enhancement, AO or override then it is in fact against LGH ToS. This includes using vehicles to try get around the rules.

- Using an alt to fish the same buoy within a 24hr period or using an alt to get around the cool down timer of coins is against our ToS.

- Using an autocasting script or tool that repeats mouse clicks to get around using parts of the designed system is against our ToS.

With that being said...

- Any "trick" or "sneakiness" you think you can use to get around these, we know them all and have better ones to catch you.

- If you think we aren't watching, we are and have eyes everywhere.

- If you think we aren't online or at the place with our AV, we just may be, we have ways.

- If you think you won't get caught or are getting away with it, you aren't and likely we are just building evidence no matter how long you may think you've been getting away with it.

- Players also turn in cheaters all the time, the very friend sitting next to you may be just the one to let us know. 

Doing any these will result in penalties as outlined in or ToS. They may include loss of stats and if the violations are repeated, could even result in the loss of ability to participate in our games.
Ignorance is not an excuse.


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