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Tips For Hunting Coins amp Gems

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - March 25, 2018, 8:44 pm


So there has been a recent trend with me wanting to help out gold hunters more, basically because it seems like they get the short end of the stick when not 100% paying attention. At least with fishing you can simply cast your rod again, while a hunter has to go in search for a new coin that may or may not be easily findable. Anyways, I'm not going to give any 'big secrets' or 'fast cheats for more money', that's not what hunting really was intended to be about, it's about hunting for coins and seeing new places that we've not been before for what those land owners have to offer. Anyways here are some helpful tips that always help me get my coins and don't let me forget the collections or miss them to someone else.


1. Always respect land owner's land rules. You never know when that land owner might be watching and catch you breaking the no-fly rule on his/her parcel, or watch you specifically leave their parcel to an adjacent property that allows flying just so you can fly and wander into their property to move around faster. Just don't do it, many LOs are getting wiser to watch their lands during rushes and even employing security orbs to catch flying avatars. Is it really worth that scrap coin to get banned from the property entirely?

2. Always leave a couple seconds between coin clicks! This is pretty typical of someone just coming in and seeing all the coins and wanting to get them all without others gettings them, or seeing a pile and clicking them all within a second. Issue with this is that the coins can have a heap script collision making the coins unable to send you the captcha for the coin to collect. So simply wait a second, click, wait, click... Now you don't have to wait a long time just a few moments so that the coins don't cause a script heap collision.

3. Going along with waiting for coins, there's another good reason for this, you can lose coins if you click a coin that is 9m from you while you wait on a coin next to you. If you want to avert this, walk, DO NOT run, to each coin and stop at the coin then click and move on. I have been able to collect all my coins quickly and easily by doing this method and is very simple to do... Speaking of why in 4...

4. Stack Pop Up Collections, This may be something you are already used to by collecting coins that are close together. This simply means that you have multiple pop-up windows appear for coins you are collecting. Combined with the walk and click, you can walk and get the pop-up and walk to the next coin and get the pop-up for that coin, and so on. As long as you do not pass 20 seconds after the pop-up has appeared and are able to get to all coins and click the captcha, you can easily collect all the coins you clicked without having to worry about the coins being claimed by someone else when you waited for it.

5. Speaking of cleaning coins... It's not illegal to do, some people may find it rude or even insult/yell at you for 'stealing' their coins, however the coin is not theirs, it is the land owner's until it is completely claimed and disappears to respawn. Personally I will only take a coin if the person is out of minimum draw distance view (32 meters), or if I have people derendered during gold rushes. If those black letters pop up it's fair game to anyone, so you can click it. However if someone does yell at/insult you, please do not just sit there and take it. Report it to GMs immediately via the forms or via a support ticket. Bullying and insulting is not tolerated in the LGH community.

6. Speaking of derendering other players during gold rushes... Do this whenever you are in a laggy sim, during a rush, or even a multiplier buoy. Reason? It lowers the amount of lag on your personal PC by removing scripted avatars from view. 

7. Do not block land owners that you are actively trying to earn money from, simply because you won't receive any script conversation from the coins, aka you won't be able to collect the coin you just sat and waited for.


What do you think of these hunting tips? There's plenty more you can learn on your own and everyone has their own way they like to hunt and play, but these are just a few tips from an experienced player who realized a few things while hunting around and decided to share the information with all. Again though there's more things to learn out there, but I'm not gonna tell it all! Go learn and have fun, that's what we're all here to do, right?

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