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WHY NOT !!??

dayz Short Posted by in General - March 31, 2018, 9:56 pm



While the server was down, Lord said something that of course I knew but only in an abstract manner. He said it isn't just players that are losing out, the Landowners are also losing all the trafic. I was thinking how gee, I have to go to work but I always try to leave my avatar in  to collect chat logs - why not park it at one of our Landowner sims and give them some traffic?

And so I did.

Then I started thinking some more. I leave my avatar in every day, not just when the server is down. And every day i park Daisy at a sandbox or under the ocean or at my bubble. Giving that valuable traffic to places that aren't hosts to our games! 

Facepalms !!  Why not park me on a Landowners parcel, I thought, every time I'm going to be AFK for awhile.

Of course, I will need to let the Landowner know why my avatar is there just hanging out, while AFK, so I don't get a swift boot to the butt....but why not !

So this blog is to begin the Why Not program. Why not show our landowners some love when we're going to be AFK for a length of time? Why not park an avatar somewherre where it's going to gain something for the people that give so much ?

Hopes you AFK'ers jump on the bandwagon ... I mean, Why Not ?

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callmemischief Resident
April 23, 2018, 2:46 am -

I like to park my avatar in places that have snuffles when I log out so that when I log back in the next time, there is a chance that I might catch them as they are leaving their "gifts" to be collected.

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