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A rule that allows staff to do their jobs better

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - April 24, 2018, 5:59 am


In re; to LGH policy on Foriegn Language and how staff handles it in LGH.

  It took a long time of discussions and thinking and more discussions and yet more thinking  for the current policy to  become as it is. It was not made up from the work ethics of staff.. we are not lazy  and rude  and we are not Racist. Blinks.

this blog explains quite clearly why it is as it is  

  but if it still seems unclear to anybody I will be happy to explain it in person. In English. 

Staff are not racists and under Terrys guidance we diligently stop any remarks or actions that are racist of nature.

Attacking  the staff who asks  someone to take their converstion to IM is not allowed. and while you are welciome to question the nature of this policy, doing so in LGH chat is not the place to do it.

 I am not opening the topic for debate. the policy is fair and good and does what it needs to do while depriving  nobody of assistance. I am simply offering to describe in further detail why such a policy is needed. 

And how offended  staff are to be associated with the label  of racist. 

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