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The Pick-Up Line Meta-Com

DoctorAmeilaPond Resident Posted by in General - July 17, 2018, 2:37 pm


Have you ever watched other people in Second Life kissing and hugging and doing a  variety of other things and wondered how they managed to do that with out a single pose ball in sight? It's called a HUD, You can find them on the marketplace for Second Life. There are HUDs for everything. A heads-up display (HUD) is a two-dimensional user interface element that controls inworld elements, such as your avatar or animations. A HUD typically consists of a control panel with buttons that do certain things; you activate it by "wearing" it as you would an article of clothing. Today I used my first ever Hugging and Kissing HUD. I walked right up to a stranger and said, "Hi, would you help me with something?", He replied "If I can". I told him how I was a writer and wanted to write about this new hug and kiss HUD I bought on the market place and that I needed someone to try it out with. He agreed to help. I was relieved. I know they say all it takes is 20 seconds of bravery to take a leap but for me it was more like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. 

That being said, it was not as scary as I imagined. He was kind, polite, and well mannered and genuinely wanted to help. He answered my questions and I found him to be quite a gentleman about the entire thing. His name is Mist and I knew nothing of him and within minutes it was as if we had been hanging for hours.  We tested each pose with ease and found that half way through we needed to swap the  positions because there are both female and male roles. It looked a bit silly we both noted as he ran and jumped into my arms legs wrapped around my waist. The HUD is called  HUG & KISS HUD * 12 couple animations * Show your friendship and love anywhere * Auto Height Detection Sold by Elle Mode and you can find it on the market place for S.L. for a mere 53 L$. The height did not seem to be an issue and with very little time and effort it can be perfected to demonstrate a variety of playful actions to enhance a romantic moment or even inspire a giggle in the attempt as we had to adjust our locations to allow for a successful test. What I found most inspiring was the ease in which it provided a conversation it being the topic that soon led to a discussion of another of my favorite hobbies. Motorcycle Riding. That will be an entirely different subject to address in the future. 

As he had agreed to 5 minutes of his time to assist, I was doing my best to keep within the time frame agreed upon, and yet it lasted much long because we found ourselves fast friends and he a gentleman all the way as I fumbled with the HUD. We returned to my office to discuss his opinions of it and he had spoke of how he had a previous version of the HUD and how he enjoyed using it. I found myself in agreement as it was a playful take on how one can express endearment to one another that does not require the words to do so. They say actions speak louder than words and in this case it happens to be more true than not. It was light hearted fun that avoided the awkward silence that comes with wishing  to tell someone you like them or quite possibly love or come to love when time is often spent together. 

Some may disagree, but love is not a physical attraction, but one of two minds that find a sense of familiarity and feeling secure in the knowing they are not alone in feeling the way they do. While being an individual is wonderful and we all seek to stand out as unique, there is a comfort in having another of like mind and spirit. This HUD is just one more way to help assist in this and while it might not lead to marriage it certainly can inspire to dream of one day finding the one person who wishes to grab your hand and jump through time together. We found ourselves fast friends as I said, and in the time we spent together we joked about how my research into this little gem of emotional expression could possibly be one of the greatest "Pick up lines" ever used. I mean had I not been so sincere in my efforts to prove I was truly doing this to explore its possibilities and learn of its capabilities I could see this being a great line in an effort to introduce yourself to another and perhaps find the happily ever after so many seek within the confines of a tiny room while exploring the world feeling safe. It might be the truest form in finding that special someone as you do not have to concern yourself with appearance. You walk into a room with a more perfect version of yourself and if you are resound to being yourself you will find somewhere in the world like minded people and with time perhaps someone to walk into a room further down the road. The sense of comfort and pride to be claimed even if only in friendship by another. 

Whether you find yourself looking for the love of your life, or just a friend this HUD has a variety of actions that will serve both. I know I will make great use of it even if only in jest at times. Who knows, maybe I will find the one with this little beauty tucked away in my pocket knowing it is ready at the click of a button

Written by:
Silver Angel
Chief Editor

Note: My sincerest thanks to that of Mist who I found to be a charming gentleman and volunteer,

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