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Rezz To Ride Meta-Com

DoctorAmeilaPond Resident Posted by in General - July 18, 2018, 4:05 pm


Teleport if you must and we all must at some point and time here in Second Life, but there are times when all the travel I need is that of a long road to nowhere. The sound of the engine purring in your ear whether it be that of a Hello Kitten Purple V5cS Motorcycle that includes a helmet I picked up on the second life market place for a song, a luxury sports car, or a speedster, where many other working running vehicles are for sale for more than reasonable prices. 

The Siren's Gulf has miles and miles of race tracks, roads, tubes, and parking lots. Included in this beautiful, multi faceted sim are vehicle rezzers all over the place. You do not even have to own a car.  Just teleport in, join the group and rezz to ride to your hearts content. The owner of the sim, who was a lovely charming woman who preferred this article be about the sim and the love of cars, bikes, and any other form of motorized transport welcomes all with a kind word and warmth. I had been but a few minutes in when she called upon me to say hello, introduce herself and offer a hand if needed. Her main concern was that people know that this is a sim for adults. No child Avatars, No building, and No Bronies/Mlp's were allowed. She was careful to mention the R. L. V. Traps of which there were many. Essentially it is a large adult playground with a variety of things to do. Owned by a woman whose lust for life is apparent in all directions. Yesterday I took a drive there and found myself inside one of the many bars. It had a wonderful dance floor and the ability for me to pose as the D.J. I kicked up the music and my heels followed and with a few special effects, I got the party started to quote a well known song.

While she may exclude the aforementioned she welcome Aliens as there are inter- species activities to be found. There is a  tunnel maze, road tracks, open water, scuba diving, sailing, space complex, vehicle rezzers for public.  Aliens welcome, mers welcome.  4 sim highway road system, skyway roads. Of course if all you wish to do if fly, take to the skies and soar.  Since my first trip there I have bought several bikes and cars and find myself a new collector knowing I have a place now with endless twists and turns to hone my new found passion in second life. I find myself diving into my car more often now than the ocean to swim, but again you can do that here too as the Scuba gear is free as well. 

If you have not visited this place, you should grab a teleport, the passport of second life and pack lite. It is really such a wonderful all inclusive resort for adults of all kinds. If you don't find something to dive into there, you haven't taken the leap. If all your looking for is a place to sit and chat gather at one of the many establishments scattered through out, take a seat with your friends and talk as voice is active. I know I have not discovered all it's little treasures and I can't wait to get back there and dig up another. 

I have come to call this my drive-in, but truth is, swim, fly or just to hang out and dance. It leaves no room for boredom, or you might have to check your pulse. I know when I am on the track, I can feel it pounding away at the tips of my fingers as the speed increases and I hit the curve as fast as I can. With a scream and a giggle I am screeching around the track knowing my inevitable crash will end in a laugh that will send me over the rails following my car. 

Written by: Silver Angel
Editor in Chief

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