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Cost per Cast Primer

Parsnip Latzo Posted by in Fish Hunt - July 20, 2018, 3:00 am


There are numerous discussions in the LGH group where people try to figure out their profits from fishing and there seems to be confusion and misinformation about fishing costs. I talk about Cost per Cast in my 2 part blog, Fishing for XP (April 2017). So I decided to pull my research out of that blog, update the numbers and hopefully provide some clarity for those of you trying to make sense of the LGH fishing economy.

My Philosophy

Fish Hunt is a complex system and to focus only on your profit is a lost cause because you have no control over the many factors that drive profit like fish values, rank bonus, lottery winnings, buoy multiples, fishpots, mega-fish, etc. I tried to play the game that way for awhile and it was too much work for too little return. I decided instead to look at my costs and how much fishing experience (XP) I could get for my time and money. Now I focus on fishing for maximum XP without spending more L$ than necessary. Understanding Cost per Cast is the first step.

One-time Costs

Fishing rods are your most important purchases and you are likely to own 2 or 3 over time. But they are one-time costs and while I consider their XP value in my calculations, I do not assign any Cost per Cast to them. Same is true for buying a shubbie. But shubbies also eat on every cast and that food cost is calculated in the formulas. I am not trying to build a capital cost depreciation model here. I'm simply trying to know how much each fishing cast is costing. Losing control of their expenses is why new fishers get frustrated and quit the game.

Casting Costs with no XP

Magic Cast, Royal and Alacrity potions impact Cost per Cast but they do not provide XP. I've simply added them to the formula as Other. Frankly I don't use any of these anymore except for the free Alacrity I win while fishing.

Formulas & Tables

The Cost per Cast formula is simple addition once you know how to price out shubbie food and XP Elixir.

Cost per Cast = Worm + Shubbie Food + XP Elixir + Other

Same is true for the XP per Cast under normal fishing.

XP per Cast = Rod + Worm + Shubbie + XP Elixir

During Double XP events, the XP calculation becomes a bit more complex because Rod XP is tripled, Worm XP is doubled and Shubbie XP and XP Elixer remain the same.

XP per Cast = (Rod x 3) + (Worm x 2) + Shubbie + XP Elixir

Shubbie food is sold as White Magic Powder in piles containing 1000 spoons of food. Average pile pricing is 45L - 50L. Divided by 1000 puts the average price per spoon at 0.045 to 0.05. Being a lazy elf I usually use the 0.05 number for my Cost per Cast calculations even though I don't think I have ever paid that much! Once you have your per spoon pricing, you just multiple it by the number of spoons your shubbie is eating per cast. You will see that in the table below. Note that the spoons eaten are doubled after a shubbie's first split.

Shubbie Food = (White Magic Powder Price / 1000) x Spoons Eaten

Shubbie Type

Pre-Split Spoons Eaten

Post-Split Spoons Eaten














XP Elixir potion can be won in the fishing lottery like Alacrity potion and worms. You can also buy it as Small XP Elixir, sold by the bottle containing 15 charges or casts. Each cast is worth +5XP. Average price per bottle is 52L – 55L. Cost per Cast then averages 3.46 – 3.66. I never buy XP Elixir but I win it and store it on my rod so that I control when to use it.

XP Elixir (Cost per Cast) = Small XP Bottle Cost / 15


Average Cost per Cast

XP per Cast

Small XP Elixir

3.46 – 3.66


Worm cost doesn't require any adjustment to plug into the Cost per Cast formula. But the prices vary more rapidly than Shubbie Food or XP Elixir. Tasty worms are more expensive now than they were in April last year when I wrote the Fishing for XP blog. And Smalls are currently at 0.20 per worm due to a summer special pricing promotion that ends in a couple days. So I think the average price for Smalls will probably stay near 0.25, but it doesn't seem likely that Tasty worms will go back down to the 0.55 average that they were last year.

Worm Type

Average Price (July 2018)

XP (Normal)


(Double XP Event)

Small (green)




Tasty (yellow)




Enchanted (red)




Magic (purple)




Making It Work for You

I truly believe that fishing for maximum XP without spending more L$ than necessary is the best approach for success in Fish Hunt. But I'm not you! Still I hope you will find Cost per Cast a useful metric for understanding your fishing costs. Perhaps you are thinking about buying a shubbie. Use the Cost per Cast model to see how much more that cute little thing will cost you beyond its selling price. Or use the tool to guess-a-mate your per buoy profit by tracking how much linden you made on the buoy, how many casts it took and subtract your Cost per Cast from the revenue to give you a ballpark profit number. It won't be perfect, but its a lot less time consuming than tracking every fish value, rank bonus, lottery winnings, etc. etc. for every cast you make.

I have a somewhat clumsy spreadsheet that I use to calculate Cost per Cast, but am currently looking for a way to build something that can be used in SL I'll keep you posted. :)

Happy Fishing!

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Community Comments

dayz Short
July 23, 2018, 8:00 am -

When figuring profit for fishing it is important to note the following information. The algoryrthm used in the Fish Hunt system requires that one make a minimum of 100 casts befoe doing profit calculations. It also requires that one add in the free worms won from lottery during those 100 casts The lottery of free worms is an important part of profit sio dont forget that step. of course the potions won also add to profit but  too hard to figure in to yoru cost per cast   soleave them out but cant leave out the  100 casts and the free worms. Also need to use small only as we only garantee profit on smaalkl worms use,

Great job !

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