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Motorcycle in Second Life Mc Creations Articleby MetaCom

DoctorAmeilaPond Resident Posted by in General - July 23, 2018, 4:42 pm


Mc Creations  by: Meta- Com

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the nicest people I have met in Second Life. His name is Mac. He owns a small bike shop just a start up. The last two days, I have spent time with this man as he worked. The creations he brought before me were amazing, and still he sought to perfect them as I watched him work 

I bought 2 bikes from him and in keeping with a true artist he waited for a time slot to open and worked with me to make sure I was not just satisfied with the bike but that he was as well. I am pretty picky in most things and yet I finally met my match in this man. Every few minutes you would see a new change that made not only the motorbike a bit more personal but it really felt personal. I do not think I bought just a motorcycle but an extension of myself as I took a seat again and again as he worked his magic. 

When it was done, I took my final seat as he walked me through step by step each pose, gear, and the little things we tend to overlook. His care and concern for the clients wishes were apparent when he pointed out every little detail to assure their money well spent. 

When it was all said and done only then would he accept a dime in payment for his efforts. I am the girl who like to have confidence in knowing the person I am buying from will take care of me and any issues that might arise with in the future. He wants his customers to know he will happy to address any issues and bring it in knowing there will be no additional charges for adjustments and or fixes. 

Mac is a biker who upon first appearance seems a bit rough and intimidating, after speaking with him over just a few minutes I came to realize this is a professional Dad. His care and concern for his customers and products are apparent and he listens to all requests. He will let you know what is possible and he his forever honing his craft and still seeking to expand it as well to add that special touch. 

While his business is just a start up and you walk into what appears to be a laundry shop, His displays are clean and precise. You just click the one you wish to rez and you are off and going. When you exit the bike within 30 seconds it vanishes, keeping a clean sim.  He has male and female rides ready to go and is willing to work for custom builds as well. 

The two I purchased were more than reasonably priced and one a custom build. I being so particular in my preferences and tastes you could see his patience lingered with ease. Working with him was like taking a walk on the beach. 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stellar/185/57/2001 Lands you right in front of his shop. I also suggest you  look around for a bit as you will find sample places to test his wonderful work. мας (mccoy.gibbs)  is his name. I finally have a "Go to" for all my future rides. 

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