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I got sent home WHY

KevDee Resident Posted by in Announcements - July 24, 2018, 4:04 am


"I got sent home, why?"

There are usually 3 main reasons for this, 2 of which are allowed for a land owner to set on gold hunt lands, 1 is not but all 3 are okay for fish hunt. Beyond being a private land or a mix up with security orb which I will not go into on this blog. Those things are a separate thing and not allowed on a gold hut land (fish hunt they are if not listed on website). 

Be sure to check nearby by/local chat to see the reason you where sent home, often you will get a message there as to why it happened. This is very useful for you and also staff so we can further guide you or you can guide yourself with the things below.

Reason 1: Account age restriction
This is NOT about your real life age, this is about the age of your second-life account. Many land owners will restrict newer accounts for many reasons, such as (but not limited to) to stop griefers or land is adult related. There is nothing you can do about this but wait until you've been on your account longer and can then go to that place. Move on to another land.

Reason 2: No payment info on file
You need to link paypal or a credit card to your second-life account (only if you want, it's a choice). Many land owners tend to set this because it's a way to prove you're over 18 in most cases. Generally tend to find this setting on adult regions, although not limited to. Link the payment information via second-life's main site, again this is a CHOICE. Until it's done and registered (can take a few days to register once linked) or you don't wish to link it, just move on to another land. (this can't be set on a gold hunt land).

Reason 3: Skilled gaming region
Second-life enforces laws set by certain places that don't allow gambling, so if you're in one of them places in real life, you cannot go to skilled gaming regions. You will also find these lands will also require payment info and/or have an account age restriction too. You can read more on skilled gaming regions here.

So to sum up, if you find you are sent away from a land, baring it's not a violation of our ToS (eg: private, payment info or security orb on gold hunt land) and it's one the 3 things above. You have options on how to fix if you choose to, if not just happily move on to another land and happy hunting/fishing. 

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