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Wheres My Leg

DoctorAmeilaPond Resident Posted by in General - July 26, 2018, 6:47 pm


Where's My Leg?! Meta-Com

One of the most interesting things about Second Life is the avatar itself. Everyday I come in to Second Life and see another change in someone I know, a sheen, a new tone, or a new shape, face, hair. It can be amazing, when you know what you are doing. My make up is Maitreya Body, and Catwa Head. My shape as many describe is more like 2 by 4. I keep being told to put a little meat on my bones. Make myself a little taller, a little darker toned. Everyone has advice which is always welcomed but at the end of the day, the only one who needs to be happy with my appearance is me. The last few days has been a bit of a challenge as I finally found a tone that suited my taste. I am no longer a ghost of my former self and finally got a little color on me with my head and feet and hands to match. The only problem I see is when getting dressed. Some designers have an "attach to" instruction and some do not. Some say add or wear, or even at times nothing at all. Bento, Mesh, it can all be a bit confusing. 

           The other day I was getting dressed and I was reading the card and it simply said "wear me" So I did. I right clicked scrolled down and left clicked wear me. I looked awesome from the neck down as camera manipulation is not my forte. I was all impressed with the outfit the look the beauty of how she yet again managed to dress herself with the click of a button. Oh how I wish real life were simply that easy. 

             It was a Monday, which just should have told me something right there. Nope, not me all positive and quirky. A half a day went by before anyone said a word to me about why I was walking around with just a pair of floating eye balls. Turns out I should have added and in the process of wearing something it removed something else. This morning as I was coming into work I noticed my leg was missing. I woke rubbed my eyes after crawling out of my tent, as I spent the night in my front yard watching over a few sick horses I am happy to report are now doing well, I ran up to my room and with barely a quarter of a cup of coffee in hand I dressed and jumped into my day. As I was falling, because I like to parachute to work I realized I had only one leg. So teleport ed to the tardis and back to my place. with a flash I jumped into my magic bag, because Mary Poppins I am not and cannot just reach in and pull out what I am looking for, I finally found it and I was off and running once again. In real life this would not happen to a leg but a shoe and I would be crawling under my bed, checking under the dogs, they like to eat shoes at times, and even checking the fridge as I have a  late night standing order to go there open it up and ponder what snack to get before I always decide, "Eh nothing looks good" and wander back to bed wishing the little penguin we all know turns off the light and keeps the food cool a good night. Yes he is real, because there is NO WAY I ate an entire cheese cake by myself in a week. 

                  Anyway when you do come into gussy yourself up take a twirl in front of the mirror, make sure to count all your fingers and toes because you never know what might end up missing because that fabulous hat was just too good to resist. Have a wonderful time and know if you do end up missing something, laugh, because we have all done it. 

Written by: Silver Angel
Editor in Chief

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