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dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - August 6, 2018, 5:06 am


Hello LGH.  This blog is about common curtesy .Sorta. 

This blog discuses The issue that came upin LGH chat last night RE: vatars afking or being away at a fishing event while others are waiting to get in.

Last night, before i gve it some thought, I was like well thats rude of them people are waiting to get in. But thats not how this blog is going to roll because i did sleep ion it and  considered the situation today and   have also discussed it with fellow staffers and we are in agreeance on this matter. So, our view of it is as follows.

SL imoposes a 20 avatar limit on homesteads. 21 if one is the landowner. This isnt something the landowner can control .

When an event gets  announced, you have the ability to go right then or to wait and go later. yesh you may have to fish out the current buoy first.The Fish Hunt game rules are not something the landowner can control.

By the time you do go you may or may not be able to get in.This is due to the SL20 limit and beyond the  landiowners control

When doing SL.. we all know RL happens.. the phone rings or you have to pee or the dog  went poop on the new rug.. rl is real..this is a game.We ALL afk for RL when we need to do so. Sometimes we accidentaly even fall asleep.. Sometimes while fishing a player may IM me and keepme tied up for n hour sorting an issue. They get my full attention when that happens.. even if I am standing at a 10x.  

LGH has no rule against this in our TOS.Therefore  it is up to the landowner to decide if they have an issue with it or not.  That choice is under their control and should not be unduly influenced by folks they know coming in to LGH to whine about not being abkle to get in.

A landowner shoul NOT have to stop what theyre doing to go policem their  lands   for away people just so you can get in. 

And a landowner should NOT have to have guilt trips laid on them by people coming in to LGH complaining about not being able to get in

In summary.. SKL has a 20 avatar limit. it is what it is. if you cant get in keep trying. if youre tired of trying go somewhere lese. But DONT come in to LGH whining about it. have some curtewsy to the folks  spending  thousands of lindens on one event. it is what it is

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